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The final report for Aeromexico Connect Flight 2431 has been released

After departure the Embraer 190 hit low-level windshear which pushed the plane towards the ground. With insufficient altitude, the plane crashed into the ground and skidded before coming to a stop. All 103 on board survived. However, the report noted multiple contributory factors: - Lack of situational awareness due to the captain performing unauthorized instructional tasks without being qualified to provide flight instruction - Assigning co-pilot and Pilot Flying duties to a pilot who was… ( Ещё...

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Ryan Leeward 3
Everything about this is mind-boggling to me.
bbabis 1
There are even pilots with no common sense. There were three of them in this case.
nightflyer182 1
Fortunate no one died. Proves why we have rules and regulations. But no one can regulate stupidity!
chalet 1
The three "pilots" were fired but not without threats from their union to go on strike. This was not enouugh punishment, they should have been tried and jailed by putting so many lives in a very dangerous situation; in this respect the French are way ahead of the this matter, they would have jailed the three stooges right after they had this accident.


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