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Disappointing photos show the reality of exclusive airport lounges, from overcrowding to drink limits and limited food selections

Airport lounges are advertised as super-exclusive and luxurious oases that offer an escape from the hustle and bustle of a crowded airport. But they're not always as grand as they might seem. ( Ещё...

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ian mcdonell 4
What a load of rubbish Cal
I cannot think of any lounge belonging to a recognised full service airline that was less than very satisfactory, and premium airlines have premium lounges
Yes they are sometimes crowded - solution - pick the times when you fly
Food can be variable depending on the country but never had bad food yet
Some USA lounges make you pay for alcohol or have very average standard - but if you go to a lounge just for the booze you may need to review your life
ME - very happy with everywhere I have been - and that is a lot of places
siriusloon 0
Not everyone can pick the times they fly, especially if it's just to avoid busy times in the lounges. And how are you supposed to know when they'll be busy when you book your ticket? Do you wait until the day you want to fly, then call the lounge to see if it's buys, and only then book your flight?
Kevin Haiduk 4
I've stopped doing lounges. I didn't renew my AA lounge membership years ago because I felt I wasn't getting what I paid for. The Centurion lounges are nice, but DFW is so overly crowded even that's not even worth it. No offense for kids, cause I have some of my own, but it feels like a playground many of the time. Plus, I can stay down stairs and still stand in line just like up there. Standing in line for free food kind of loses the glamor.
1BabyGirl 2
Even if crowded it is worth the price of a ticket if you can afford it. Especially on international flights with very long layovers. To me it would be like heaven if a six or eight hour layover in Hong Kong or Seoul.
mary susan watkins 2
it stands to reason that in a newer,more modern airport,the lounges provided might be a bit larger or nicer..the individual airline rents or leases the space for the lounge,and the individual airline is responsible for the décor,the lighting,the food,the bar service and any other amenity like small showers,or larger sleeper type seating..American express has its own lounges and style of décor..most people who use the lounges do so for business purposes,or for long layovers,and some of these lounges even offer smallish private meeting rooms..its a nice frequent flyer benefit if you can afford it,even if the space is a bit more crowded,as someone else said..


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