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Unionized TSA

Lawmaker pushes for union representation for TSA employees. If you think it is nasty now, Just wait and see what will happen when the union tug get his hands inside your pants :) ( Ещё...

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Paul Glick 0
I bet that lawmaker does not have to be grouped, rubbed and pulled at like the rest of us common folk. Can you imagine what union thugs and the mafia will do with passenger screening?
RampBoss 0
Gosh, then they will just have to go on strike at some point. Can you imagine what that would do to the travel experience?

Ronald Padgett 0
That'd work. TSA goes on strike and the flight attendants in support. Pilots decide against it and come to work armed. "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your pilot. We have no flight attendants, the restrooms are out of order and my radio operator has a gunlocker. Sit down, shut up and we'll be at your destination in 2 hrs."
Wingscrubber 0
TSA on strike! strike strike! Except, if they did strike they'd just be replaced by temporary rent-a-goons.
Tim Kenyon 0
They are already rent-a-goons! As TSA was hiring, there were suddenly a lot of "would yo like fries with that" positions opened. For TSA management positions (where some qualifications are supposedly needed) Malls had a hard time finding security staff...
Peter F. Hartmann Esq. 0
Who is kidding who ? Anyone follow TSA's latest attempt at increasing its power ? They are now suggesting that all the state's National Guard units be "federalized" and placed under their control.

The purpose of TSA is to "educate" us to accept a police state dictatorship. They know exactly what they are doing. If our govt. had the least bit interest in REAL security, we'd do what most other civilized countries do - take the Israelis for example. They KNOW what is in the cargo compartments of their aircraft, and they KNOW how to pick out a suspected trouble-maker from a four year old kid with a toy, or someone's grandmother.

Too many Americans have forgotten what was on the first American flag, and why it was there.
Tim Kenyon 0
Those that are willing to give up their freedom in exchange for security deserve neither.
Tim Kenyon 0
Those that are willing to give up their freedom in exchange for security deserve neither.
Matt Comerford 0
"The purpose of TSA is to "educate" us to accept a police state dictatorship." That's hilarious. Luckily "end times" are near, right?
Marty Martino 0
Look at a different way, unionized TSA workers could actually sound a warning about policies like this. Unlike a non-unionized workforce that has "the executive's way or the highway" or a private firm that really won't care so long as the check from the tax-payers clears.
Marty Martino 0
Hey, regardless, I still believe the notion of security is one of the biggest delusions in history. If available, I'd click a thumb's up - or a 'Like' on Tim Kenyon's comment - the last two.


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