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Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 Engine Failure DCA18MA142 - SW 737 700 accident report NTSB

SW 737 700 accident report NTSB - DCA18MA142 SWA13 80 INVESTIGATIVE UPDATE National Transportation Safety Board Investigative Update Southwest Airlines Flight 1380 Engine Failure DCA18MA142 SWA1380 INVESTIGATIVE UPDATE ( Ещё...

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Fido7585 2
G Zorbas 1
The link opens up a PDF document page that can be viewed at:
G Zorbas 1
I can confirm, tested link in 4 browsers: Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Edge. All work very well. Does your system have PDF capability?
Fido7585 1
Yes, and PDF downloads go to my desktop. Yours did, FlightAware's still don't. Anyway I've now seen the report and thank you for your help.
G Zorbas 1
Always happy to help where I can :)
Mike Hindson-Evans 1
The link works fine this side of the Atlantic on a lovely sunny morning in southern England.

Amazing that there was only one fatality, which looks like sheer bad luck on the seating plan. A great piece of flying and resource management.
chandrahas patel 1
So the metal Fatigue is the cause of accident or any chance of error during maintenance?


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