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FAA paves the way for supersonic passenger planes

Washington - The US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wants to regulate the noise emission of supersonic passenger aircraft, thereby promoting the market launch of new generation passenger planes. ( Ещё...

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Hope it doesn't take as long as Next Gen or Basic Med. I would like for my grandson to fly on one.
Yuriy Kravchuk 3
George Gould 2
NASA to conduct supersonic air research over Galveston
PM, APRIL 17, 2018,

GALVESTON, Texas — Airplanes are pretty fast— but they could get even faster! NASA is preparing for a series of supersonic research flights over the Galveston area that could change the way we fly.

“What they are trying to do is here is find a way to travel at supersonic speeds without the loud sonic boom that can be a real public disturbance,” said Melanie Saunders, the acting deputy center director for NASA’s Johnson Space Center.

The experimental flights will help NASA collect data for future supersonic flights.

“The hope is that someday that will be in commercial aircraft and we can all fly faster and get to our destination faster without the loud sound and disturbing the peace and the public,” Saunders said.

Researchers say Galveston is the perfect location for their tests, but not just because the NASA Johnson Space Center is nearby.

"Galveston is an island community with a fairly dense population so our quiet supersonic dive maneuver creates a sound that represents the sound of a future commercial supersonic air craft, but it does it over a small area so having a fairly dense population is important. The island community is important because there's some loud sounds associated with this dive maneuver and we want to put them out over the water where our community won't hear them,” said Peter Coen, the project manager for NASA’s Commercial Supersonic Technology Program.

They've started getting the word out in Galveston. Tests begin in November. Five-hundred pre-selected people living or working in and around Galveston will then be surveyed about what they heard.

Keep your ears to the ground, and one day we might get our wheels up more quickly.
Chris curtis 2
I remember the sonic boom tests in Oklahoma City in 1964. In six months there were 1,253 sonic booms and the test was halted after complaints of noise and damage to homes and businesses. 147 windows were shattered in just two office buildings. I remember that the booms were very loud and would wake you at night and our front metal screen door would vibrate like it had been kicked for a minute after the booms. I hope the tests are better now and that Galveston knows what they are getting for agreeing to the tests.
Kevin Haiduk 1
I really hope so. If I remember correctly, Boeing was supposed to make a huge bet on this some years back. Come on, how long since the Concorde?
Chris curtis 1
According to Wikipedia, the negative publicity associated with the Oklahoma City tests in 1964 partially influenced the 1971 cancellation of the Boeing 2707 project and led to the United States' complete withdrawal from SST design.
wylann 1
This is potentially very good news that could really invigorate this industry in the near future!
Judith Gundersen 1
Dealing with noise reduction should be the FIRST priority!
George Gould 1
They are ready to fly as soon as aircraft get ADS-B installed.
paul gilpin -3
if NASA is involved, the project will cost the taxpayer 10X what the project is worth, and take the same factor of time to get to the market. that is just the nature of a research project. boring bought aurora to suppress the model D8 style aircraft. and because all the aircraft manufacturers are so eager to change their manufacturing lines and invest in new equipment, read 787, that will be another factor more.
if you WERE lucky enough to be born in 2070 you might get to fly in one of these.
skylab72 1
Sorry dude, if NASA had not been "involved", the technology that makes "quiet" super-cruise possible, would not have been developed in time to use now. They have had that goal on the table for three decades.


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