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'They slammed the brakes so hard my daughter hit the seat'

Passengers on-board a Qantas flight that had just landed in Perth were left bruised but grateful to be alive after their plane came seconds away from crashing into another flight. The Australian Transport Safety Bureau are examining the incident, which happened at a known hot spot for incursions, and have dubbed it as 'serious.' The planes, both of which were Bowing 737s, almost collided when flight QF567 had landed and taxied in front of another plane that was taking off,Hundreds of… ( Ещё...

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Viv Pike 15
I wonder if the daughter's seat belt was "securely fastened" ??
Max Perry 19
A new type, the Bowing 737, must be Japanese.....
Torsten Hoff 11
The other option is not slamming on the brakes and hitting a lot than your head.
Highflyer1950 9
Wonder how many had their heads down screwing with their phones and tablets.
SoNic67 8
"Smacked her head"
Sure... that's what happens when immediately after touch-down you start up your facebook/instagram on your phone (head down, hunched back) because you are in full blown addiction withdrawal after a few hours without "social media".
Michael Whitehurst 3
Passengers are generally lackadaisical about seatbelts, especially once the aircraft has landed, but what could be done, short of showing consequences of properly cinching the seatbelts? That would definitely be resisted by the air carriers. As for the hot-spot, it seems the airport governing authority is setting the pilots and passengers up for a catastrophe by not re-engineering the procedures, runways, and taxiways.
Ian Page 1
FlightAware: your credibility about aviation matters is in tatters when you cite as a primary source a site/blog that thinks there is such an aircraft as a Bowing 737.
srobak 1
You do realize that "flightaware" didn't write or cite anything - right?

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KenIngram -4
One must accept LAHS clearance with caution. In most cases you are only saving a minute or two. Is this really worth the risk unless landing at a busy field?
srobak 3
KenIngram 1
Commented by mistake + unable to remove.... Please Excuse


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