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Gatwick Airport Worker 'Run Over' by Plane

A man has been injured by a plane while working at Gatwick Airport. The man, who had been working on the runway guiding planes, was hurt at about 17:15 BST on Wednesday at the north terminal. He was injured by a Russian-bound Rossiya Airlines aircraft, a Gatwick Airport spokesman said. ( Ещё...

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Torsten Hoff 5
"working on the runway guiding planes"?

I know what they meant, but I had to shake my head when I pictured what they actually wrote.
1BabyGirl 2
Looks to me like that ground employee needs more training or else a pair of glasses. I can't imagine anyone being dumb enough to let themselves be run over by and airliner sized aircraft.
royr2 0
Another poorly-written article by a member of the press whom knows nothing about airplanes or airports and didn't speak to anyone whom does. I pictured the same thing you did.

I can't get my mind around how this even happened. I am assuming he was marshaling the aircraft into the gate area, but do you get under the nose gear, close enough so that it runs over your foot? My only thought is that the GPU linkage on the Airbus is located there and he was trying to hook it up WHILE IT WAS STILL MOVING???


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