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The lawyers of MH370 victims fear documents critical to the investigation will be destroyed

LAWYERS acting for families of passengers on Malaysia Airlines MH370 are still fighting for critical documents, including any psychiatric records of the pilots, but fear Malaysian agencies could conceal or destroy them as time drags on. ( Ещё...

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Christine Whyte 10
Unfortunately I am unable to read anything further on this story as I do not have a subscription to the Courier Mail and I’m not going to buy one just to read one story
David Brown 8
Very Bad,linking story to a pay site, very disappointing.
Fred Heasley 8
Articles behind subscription sites are becoming too frequent and if it continues I for one will be leaving
Brad Wake 7
Ditto. Please don't link to content that is behind a pay firewall.
Ian RM 7
Poor show linking the content behind a subscription only site
barrie irvine 7
I do no need a subscription to the Courier Mail! I would just like to learn about the MH370 documentation possible destruction.
Cormac Clancy 5
A link to a subscription site is USELESS. STOP doing this.
Frederick Bennett 5
I agree, and I believe if this practice does continue many will leave
Ian Scholes 2
If the Courier Mail is anything like UK newspapers I wouldn't believe a word anyway
Ian Murray 2
I for one would not be surprised if certain documents were destroyed because the whole search/[investigation reeks of a (dare I write it) cover up.
Stephen Walford 2
I totally agree with Fred Heasly !! :(
iknarf 1
Thank you for the link. I do not need this type of 'information'!


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