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See What Happens When A Plane Violates Presidential Airspace | TODAY

Each time President Trump spends a weekend away from the White House, there’s a massive military effort to protect him from threats… including from above. TODAY national investigative correspondent Jeff Rossen was given rare access to present a dramatic demonstration of how the Air National Guard keeps presidential airspace safe. ( More...

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Jim Turner 14
Why didn't they give regards to Civil Air Patrol?
bbabis 7
They were the star of the story and not one mention!
sparkie624 3
John Gideon 4
About 4 years ago, President Obama was playing golf about 5 miles (as the crow flies) from my house. All of the sudden, I heard the distinctive sound of a low-bypass turbofan screaming low over the house. Running outside, I see a twin-engine prop plane being escorted by a USCG helicopter (that really surprised me) while two F-16's were orbiting, all four aircraft were about 1000' AGL. I heard or saw three or four other intercepts overhead during the weekend. I don't know what these guys were doing (we live close to the approach to Witham Field), but I do not envy their experience once on the ground.
Eric Schmaltz 6
Too bad there wasn't this kind of protection and sense of urgency on 9/11. 4 commercial jet liners all diverting from planned routes on a beautiful sunny day and we were caught with our thumbs up our asses. Just sayin'
bbabis 8
We had it. The president was in Florida. The protection was there. It would take quite a large military budget to protect every major city and landmark not to mention the loss of airspace through TFRs.
Ruger9X19 5
Guess you didn't hear about Major Heather “Lucky” Penney (Ret.)
breezyjr 2
I had NOT heard of her, looked her up... Very cool...
tedtimmons 2
In addition to the fighter crossing in front of the plane, there is another fighter behind that's ready to blow you out of the air at a moments notice. Great video.
stacey go 2
Love the offhand remark of "As much as this president travels, it gets expensive..." Really? Every president travels. A ton.
Sean Sims 13
Except Trump is traveling MORE than most previous Presidents since he's vacationing at his properties in FL, NJ, NY EVERY weekend.
Edw Sanderson 1
Now Airnet is filling up with politcal crap,Getting like AOL ,imature, snarky comments
Jesse Carroll 1
Only a few miles to his places, and Melania doesn't take multi-million dollar vacations either!

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Belvdme 4
Very civilized reply. Congratulations
Sean Sims 7
Wow...triggered much?

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Belvdme 4
Very civilized reply. Congratulations.
beilstwh -1
Did your favorite one ever donate his entire wage? - Interesting that he says hes going to donate his wage but hasn't given a single cent to anyone.

Did your favorite on ever increase employment and increase American engagement in work? - job growth under trump is less then the last year under Obama. Nice try

Was it your favorite president that let Islam in? Since Muslims have been moving to America and living here peacefully since the start of the republic what are you talking about?

By the way you might want to use spell check on what you write. Your comment was almost unreadable.
RECOR10 -3
At least when GWB went on "Vaa-Caa" he was in Crawford TX (between dirt hill and vacant barn TX)...shit bird (N)Obama would screw up entire weeks for those of us who were in and around Chicago, at Ohare and on and on and on...ALL THE TIME.
I had the good luck to talk to one of these F15/16 jocks for a couple hours. Pretty interesting. Aside from all the serious stuff its really about unleashing the jets and the fun of turning and burning down low, they get a charge out of it and the more the better. Told us about one fun intercept for somebody in Long Beach, some yokel threw a bunch of pot in a 182 and flew through the TFR and was herded towards LGB. They said one F16 was circling the port at full afterburner as the guy was forced down and of course arrested. Great fun and will always be remembered.
We used to see this all the time at Crawford for President Bush. They always had airborne patrols instead of scrambling aircraft. At night we called them "fireflies" when they would kick in the afterburners and go check out a threat or bug out at shift change.
In the 8 YEARS of Obama in the White House I can find only THIRTEEN News Articles with this much Interest, in what it was costing to Protect the President of the USA.. But now just 7 MONTHS into President Trump's Term in Office I found in just 10 minutes 108 NEWS Articles on the Cost to the People to Protect the President of the USA.. COME ONE PEOPLE this Anti-Trump crap is getting REALLY STUPID NOW!

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Jd Young 1
That's original...
didn't a rusky spyship just blow the theory of airspace protection all to's ok to sightsee over dc but god help me if i pull a banner over the golf course in palm beach.shut down south fl.podusizcomin!!!!
Larry Horton 3
That was a planned over flight according to treaty. It was heavily monitored. We do the same to them. It is checking compliance with a treaty from Soviet days.
gmahler -1
Thanks for spending our taxpayer money Jeff, those F-16s don't run on water, what an idiot to risk the pilots license and others for an unneeded intercept. It's not a game, it's serious, and TFRs are not just for the President. You really could not find another' story to do? But then again it was most likely planned and not unannounced.
Phil Gerke 3
This intercept was planned and it was needed: As pilots we know that proficiency requires practice. As Jim Turner rightly noted above, the Civil Air Patrol (an official USAF auxiliary) and the volunteers who donated their time to fly this coordinated training mission, got no recognition for providing the "rougue" aircraft against which the F-16 pilots could practice their procedures.
AWAAlum 0
I wonder if any consideration is given to "collateral damage" if they end up shooting the rogue craft out of the sky...the population on the ground.
john hicks 0
Thanks for the story, I am sure most people enjoyed.
As for the want-to be spelling teacher,and critics!
Gary Plewa -7
When did Cessna change the spelling of their name to Cezzna? Oh wait, this is the News Media, where accuracy doesn't matter. Never mind.
What do you expect from the fake media?
RECOR10 -3
The entire premise of the video was a "reporter" (liberal liar) acting. The flight was FULLY planned. I would bet the CAP and AF-Res were even in the same planning meetings.

Pretending there was "no radio contact" is a fallacy, even if there was none - everything was a "known". I would also bet that the CAP guys were former intercept guys (putting them even more in the know). I would also bet that had the AF known that this was going to turn into an ignorant, and idiotic report by the liberal media..they would have never allowed this clown in the crop duster.

But, what would I know (other than the whole thing was acted out about as well as a high-school play by the idiot in the back seat)
bbabis 5
You missed the whole point. It was a premise and the C.A.P. and reserves were in the same meeting. That is called TRAINING. Liberal or not, the media does occasionally report on things that John Q. Public is interested in. Don't filter everything out. If you do, THAT becomes the problem.
RECOR10 -2
If this was a NEWS story, awesome. However, it was an Op/Ed for the most would have been much better had it had the voices of a cold war announcer calling the play by play.

What is funny (and real) - I sent a link to a gentleman who practices with my group. His only comment was "No Comment other than stupid". He would be "in the know. All of you have seen him. He was in a small movie called "Top Gun" and not an "Actor". I know civil aviation, he knows military aviation. We both agree, the video was "stupid" (due to the commentary).


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