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Volvo's parent company acquires flying car startup

Geely -- the Chinese company who owns Volvo -- has just acquired the startup behind the world's most promising flying car. Known for the impressive vertical takeoff and landing vehicle called the "Transition", Terrafugia is the company that's come the closest to making flying cars a reality. Now, thanks to Geely's deep pockets, it looks like we could soon be seeing winged Volvos soaring over the freeway. ( Ещё...

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patrick baker 3
I don't welcome the advent of flying cars, because I am well aware of the skills and capabilities of automotive drivers up close, and I am not impressed. There will be numerous altitude and heading violations, and unless these come equipped with 50 calibers, how are we to protect ourselves????
Alan Brown 2
Will we have to start getting our licenses from the Dept of Flying Vehicles?
John Cotton 1
The General Aviation Administration?
Ruger9X19 1
A new sucker is born everyday.


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