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Loooong T/O Run: Heavy LH MD-11F going airborne from high-elevation Nairobi!

Air Clips joined Lufthansa Cargo's Captain Fokko and First Officer Johannes on a full rotation from Frankfurt (Germany) via Nairobi (Kenya) to Johannesburg (South Africa) and back on the same routing. ( More...

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J C Hancock 2
Certainly a lot less time than we used to experience departing DEN in a B727-200.
John Taylor 0
Oh yes. Back in the day we had an F-105 emerg land at the old Lowry airfield in the high-summer. Temp wouldn't allow us to fly it out 'til winter.
matt jensen 1
John Taylor 0
And which series of F-105 did you fly cowboy!!
matt jensen 1
My son flew Thuds from to/from Colo Springs and back a lot during the war. Then transitioned to Phantoms.
John Taylor 1
I'm talking about Lowery w/short RWs and very dense population even back then; not Colorado Springs.
Yeah, well, that was a STOL take-off compared to this one from Australia.
Turn up the sound to listen to the controllers!
djames225 2
The infamous "vodka burner" thinks a tad too heavy for runway length.."we have Smirnoff".
Interesting Take off calls are "Go" (not V1) "Rotate" normal, and then"Gear up" (not V2). Wondering if this is common now. First time I heard those calls. I am certainly not an expert.
I have timed take offs at JNB South Africa (Elevation 5500 ft) in excess of 60 seconds. I think at that time there were no non stops to major European destinations . BA stopped in NBO as I think LH and KL did. NBO is also fairly high elevation.
djames225 1 has great aviation videos, some are the complete trip (this particular piece is part of a complete trip (more like a movie) which will downloaded to Youtube later I believe..I loved the videos of the AN22, which Antonov refurbished and just brought out of retirement...also love the complete trip movie, in 2014, of the AN225 from loading in Europe to unloading in Edmonton..they hauled in a waste heat boiler for a plant.
45 sec. roll, nothing long about that...
djames225 1
Ive seen a number roll out of Toronto...roll and V2 within 30-35 seconds...Altitude would have an affect on engine thrust/roll time would it not?
dee9bee 1
Yes. Takeoffs on the 727-200 (and later in the MD80) out of Mexico City were interesting, too. This MD11 takeoff looks pretty tame.
matt jensen 0
Nothing to see here
Jon Bauer 1
I was a passenger on a Flying Tiger DC-8-63 from Travis AFB, CA to Clark AB, PI with a fuel stop at Wake Island in 1970. There were four of us USAF pilots and 250 Army soldiers on board. Wake has a 9800 ft runway, is 23 ft. above sea level and it was in excess of 100 F. I noticed that we taxied into the overrun, turned to runway heading and all four engines went to full power for about 30 seconds with brakes locked The air craft was shakinng from the thrust. This was my first clue: no rolling takeoff here! I watched the distance to go markers along the runway. Rotation started about 2500 feet remaining. We lifted off just as the main gear passed the 1000 f eet to go marker. I counted less than 3 seconds from lifteoo until we were "feet wet" (over the Pacific). Scariest takeoff I ever experienced, and I had


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