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Turkmenistan Airlines #T5429 continued its route to Birmingham with dead body on board, after diversion to Volgograd

Yesterday, Turkmenistan Airlines flight #T5429 (Boeing-757 reg. EZ-A011) en route from Ashgabat (Capital of Turkmenistan) to Birmingham made an emergency landing in Russia’s southern city of Volgograd over the death of a passenger. ( More...

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He had paid for his ticket
joel wiley 5
The passenger lacked the required visa to legally enter Russia.
Jim Quinn 2
Papers, Please.
Stationed in DKR (196è) had a flight arriving form EZE and continuing to FCO with a dead passenger on board. To avoid never ending local police procedures and the consequent restrain on the aircraft, crew and passengcers the PIC and myself decided that the passenger was deeply asleep, did not wish to be wakened up...... and the flight continued onto its final destination. As said : he had paid his ticket!
It is common, but unspoken practice on some US carriers to never declare a passenger dead inflight, even if there happens to be a doctor aboard, since such a declaration requires an immediate landing and notification of the relevant authorities. Since there is nothing further that can be done, the authoriities are readied at the destination to receive the individual and make the declaration there.
Emergency landing?
norman chab 2
Was the seat mate allowed to drink the DP's vodka since he wasn't going to need it?


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