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Crew of VAW-123 E-2C receive Air Medal

In March, the VAW-123 was performing carrier qualifications in preparation for deployment aboard the USS Eisenhower when the arresting cable snapped, nearly causing the aircraft to hit the water. A few days ago, the crew were awarded the Air Medal for "meritorious achievement while participating in aerial flight." ( Ещё...

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jbqwik 7
They made all the right moves and survived one Very Scary Situation. This is the type of incident that forges confidence in oneself. Bravo.

30west 4
Great training and great airmanship equals great outcomes. Bravo Zulu!
Wolfgang Prigge 1
Can somebody explain to me what a "non-aerial flight" would look look like.
Jeremy Kudlick 1
"Non-aerial flight" would be in a balloon or dirigible, because they do not require aerodynamic forces to stay aloft.
James Casey 1
I guess moving out of the blocks under your own power would be considered non-arial flight?
ToddBaldwin3 1
I'm guessing there were some drawers that needed changing after that.


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