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Blue Angels are upgrading to Super Hornets

The Blue Angels demonstration squadron are transitioning from the F/A 18 A-D Hornets to the new F/A 18 E-F Super Hornets ( Ещё...

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mrvair 1
Will this be kind of like having to upgrade to a new computer operating system ?!!
Donald Julian 1
Can't wait to see them 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Hans Goldbach 0
They have been flying the Hornet since 1987, so that's 29 years...
Mike Rasnak 0
We're they going to get them. The one here in SC are following apart from age and use.
Jesse Carroll -6
Obama's last act at prez.......Donating a bunch of Stearmans for the Angels. Sooooo glad when that jerk is gone and god forbid if "she",??, is elected!
Travis Mauldin 1
Jesse Carroll 2
LOL...sorry, I must have short circuited!!!!

Roger that and I'm out!
Travis Mauldin 1
What do you think about the outcome of the election?
Jesse Carroll 1
Love it and not to toot my own horn but I predicted it when he got the nomination. Had a running battle with a neighbor sporting a Hillary sign! H/she, whatever still won't talk to me! Like I care......LOL
Travis Mauldin 2
LOL I think Trump will get our nation back on track!
ReverendLee 1
What does that have to do with the Blue Angels (involuntarily) switching to the Rhino?

Former Navy, '85-'89. RTC San Diego, AA, learned on the A-7. I get why the Angels want to keep their older Hornets. Maybe if the DoD would get off its butt about certifying 3D printed replacement parts…

I fear the day (in 2075) when they have to switch to the F-35C. That turkey is a whole other disaster.
Travis Mauldin 1
Jesse Carroll 1
Nothing really! Just voicing my disapproval of the way Democrats have hamstrung our military! No worries, mate, we are on the same page!
LGM118 0
Kind of reach to do so in this context though, no?

I mean, do you incorporate that into every conversation you're a part of?
Jesse Carroll 2
No, not really, just when I see some article that promotes or degrades our military! Just a old Guardsman crew chief hoping for someone to make this country great again. If I offend anyone, my apopoliges.


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