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Brexit vote threatens dire consequences for UK aviation

Peter Morris, chief economist at Ascend Flightglobal Consultancy, here teases out some of the aviation implications of the UK electorate's vote to exit the European Union ( More...

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Chris B 4
It may never actually happen people.
ian mcdonell 2
gee - for a minute i thought you were talking about australia and our federal election next week

seems we all have the same expert problems
Scare tactics - yesterdays financial activity down to profit chasing banks and brokers, nothing more, nothing less.Its 2 years away and lets see how many more "exit" proposals (Holland, France, Italy etc) come to fruition in that time - anyone got a reliable crystal ball?
Agree the monetary exchanges are just having their usual panic mode which will settle down.
Geoff Rowe 2
I find it staggering that the "experts" have not yet figured out that the people of the United Kingdom are sick of "experts" telling them the sky will fall in should the people do something the "experts" don't want. The U.K. Now has the world to trade with without the shackles of the EU corpse.
ken young 1
The only possible adverse effect I see is if some EU nations get together and decide to punish the UK for leaving with tariffs and other trade rules.
For example, perhaps a large per passenger "security fee" of some sort on UK based carriers for each landing and takeoff from an EU airport.
I have read where both the governments of France and Germany are furious with the British and the vote to leave.
This is evident that Germany Chancellor Merkel is proposing EU legislation that makes it nearly impossible for other member nations to leave the EU....
Fido7585 1
What a load of cobblers! This bloke is just another prophet of doom for the UK - and he's got it so very, very wrong. Just watch how things unroll over the next few months and the UK will be better off than ever. Idiots like the writer of this piece ought to be put out to grass - I wonder who he's working for? The people of the UK voted for OUT because we're totally fed up with faceless, unelected fat cats in Brussells and corrupt bankers thinking they can push us around. Well, Brits are made of sterner stuff and now we have had our say. "Dire consequences for UK aviation" my a***e! What a plonker.
Ken McIntyre 1
So what if the bankstas lose a little money. Or a bunch.
Sad -- yet another pundit who's addicted to massive governmental regulation of -- life. Brexit is a vote for freedom from unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats in Brussels. I say freedom is worth a LOT, including possible increase in airfare.
s2v8377 1
I'm from the USA and I say to the people of the UK, I have major respect for the majority having the guts on your BREXIT vote to leave the EU!!!

I personally don't see LHR loosing much market share anytime soon regardless if it's technically a UK or EU airport. Plus the UK if it's part of the EU or not, will always be a major business and tourist destination. The writer of this article also made it sound like his worst case scenario would happen overnight. IAG (British Airways) and airlines like EasyJet aren't changing things around so fast it's impossible. Plus not to sound negative but IAG doesn't have much respect for British Airways or England anyway.

Lastly and no offense but when was the last time the French and Germans liked England???
gerardo godoy -1
This is just "Political talk" by the ones who wanted to stay in the dying EU!!! a very stupid way that has made Europe almost Hell!!! in other words BS.
Belvdme 2
Gerardo, I think you should concentrate on making America great again

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