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Boeing Has Lost NEO/MAX Battle; Time to Refocus Goals

Boeing should forget about competing with Airbus for market share. Airbus already has won the neo/MAX battle. This is a battleground Boeing will not retake for the lives of these airplanes. ( Ещё...

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Jeremy Chen 3
Okay but the MAX still has 2400+ orders vs the 4000+ from the NEO. Don't forget the NEO is introduced earlier. The MAX is nevertheless pretty successful even though it appears that Boeing is not doing as well. Also, this article is written rather poorly. All it pretty much said is "Boeing is losing, it needs to refocus its goals." I doubt this source's professionality even though it reflects a rather true issue. I believe though Boeing and the MAX series will continue to do well or at least, rather okay.
RandomX9 1
I wonder how far Boeing is on the 'Y1' project
Jeremy Kudlick 1
Is this article available in a place where I don't have to pay to read the whole thing?
bentwing60 0
I'm pretty sure Boeing will still be in bidness long after I am gone and maybe right up til we run out of combustible hydrocarbons. And maybe some of the AB fanatics will gone be as well! And until AB comes up with a plan whereby the seasoned veteran in the left seat can actually know what the sheep dip in the right is doing in an emergency situation, I for one will continue to marvel that it was ever certified!


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