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Bird vs. plane: Huge hole ripped in Air Namibia air craft after midair collision

An Air Namibia flight experienced a “bird strike incident” on Thursday of last week, leaving the aircraft with significant damage. Images shared on Twitter by a passenger on the flight show a large hole ripped through the A319-100 aircraft’s underbody panels. With feathers hanging from the torn metal sheets, the surrounding outside panels are left covered in what appear to be smears of blood. ( Ещё...

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babyracer 2
Ya gotta love the last sentence in that article, "It is unclear what happened to the bird." Actually it is quite clear thank you very much Ms Burke (reporter).
Wolfgang Prigge 1
I wonder what kind of bird it was. The biggest birds actually flying in the area WDH that I know are vultures, but could they cause this much damage?
Knut Meyer 2
Wolfgang, very possible. A pee-wit size bird collided with the inboard metal leading edge of the Baron I was getting airborne and it made a large dent - and that was only at 90 kts.. A vulture is a heavy bird (if it were a vulture) and it crashed into a fibre glass cover/fairing. Depending on the approach phase the approach speed would likely be in the order of 145 kts or even more.
joel wiley 1
Looks like it hit the radar dome. From there, maybe it did sort of a bank shot and hit the side of the cowling at an angle rather than straight on.
bentwing60 2
The first picture on the link is a Turkish Airlines plane that was hit earlier. The Air N. one is scary! That was a big, fast bird. That's a very weird angle for that much damage. Bet if that had been metal, instead of composite, he wouldn't have gone through.
joel wiley 2
oops, missed it was 2 incidents. Tried reading on a phone & slow link. Tiny fonts and aging eyeballs seldom mix.
william baker 1
That is close to one of the strongest parts of the plane as well. In my opinion there is no way a bird could have done that much damage to that plane. I think maybe a flock of birds could have but It seems funny the wing also look clean as well as the Engine Cowling.
matt jensen 1
Wolfgang Prigge 1
There are no wood storks or condors in Namibia.
joel wiley 1
But there are a number of other large birds including other storks, hawks, eagles, vultures, etc. Among other references is:
Wolfgang Prigge 2
If you know the area near Windhoek Hosea Kutako International you realize that it is a high-density savannah habitat. You are likely to find vultures there, that's why I mentioned them. The largest bird able to fly in Namibia is the Kori Bustard, large males can reach 40 pounds or more, but they fly very rarely and do prefer a more open savanna. The larges bird in Namibia regardless of flying ability is of course the ostrich.
SorenTwin 1
Obviously. There would have to be - there's proof of the damage. Wasn't caused by a sparrow.
joel wiley 1
AVHerald reports occurrence on approach so it was fairly low


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