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FlightAware Releases New Mobile Apps for iOS and Android!

We're excited to announce our all-new FlightAware v5.0 app for iPhone and iPad! New and improved interface, more maps, faster and easier to use. We also updated Android with our new fast and easy search! Please update now, give us your feedback, and please rate 5 stars! ( Ещё...

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Larry Martin -2
Apple must be paying you for the link and the MORE webpage. Android has many more users and you dont do anything. I guess my review goes down for you.
James Casey 3
Dang Larry, why so upset? If you're an Android user (as I've been since 2007) you know where to get your apps and don't need a link to it.
Larry Martin 0
Why should Apple get free publicity is all I am asking. Who said I was upset? Why does everyone give an inferior product attention. TV people say IPhone instead of Smartphone. Those mentions are worth millions of dollars.
James Casey 2
If you weren't upset then why take the time to accuse FlightAware of shilling for Apple and give FlightAware a negative review?
Daniel Baker 2
The Apple iOS release is major whereas this Android release is minor. That's why we plugged iOS primarily.

When the Android release had a major re-design a few months ago (it was actually ahead of iOS in functionality and design), we exclusively mentioned and linked to the Google Play store without even mentioning iOS.

We only have an ADS-B receiver for Android, not iPhone, and of course exclusively mention Android in that context.

To assert we "don't do anything (for Android)" is objectively false and not fair.


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