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A new plane design makes use of the cargo hold as a windowless cabin for passengers

The latest patent filed by Zodiac Aerospace, the French aircraft equipment manufacturer, takes aircraft design to a whole new level - a lower one, that is, with windows replaced by screens along the length of the aircraft displaying live footage captured by cameras placed on the outside of the plane, providing a view of what you might see through windows. The images could also be streamed from your own personal electronic device, including smartphones, laptops and tablets, by downloading an… ( Ещё...

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Mickey McCarthy 2
Next question. Are they going to use containers for this?
Timothy McDonnell 1
Then run different footage to them and take them where ever you want, they won't know until its too late ;)
Highflyer1950 1
PSA did that to their L-1011-1's in the 80's. A lower pax lounge fwd of the galley. Problem was the heavy reinforced "sled" that had to be attached to the belly to protect the pax in the event of a gear up landing. Since that was where the fwd cargo hold was, baggage had to be loaded in the rear only.
Kenneth Schmidt 1
People do not travel without luggage. With limited overhead storage, and increasingly limited checked in baggage, what is the use of this idea? It's a pipe dream and nothing more.


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