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Airbus C295W flies to Antarctica

An Airbus C295W aircraft belonging to the Mexican Navy (SEMAR) and operated by a mixed crew from Airbus Defence and Space and SEMAR flew from Río Gallegos Airport in Argentina to the Marambio Base, the first flight ever by a C295 to Antarctica. ( Ещё...

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bentwing60 3
Me thinks that a Boeing 757 just did something like that with a whole lot more gross weight. This ranks right up there with the AB patents!
joel wiley 5
Maybe they could try it with the A380- call it the United Antarctic Emirates flight.
matt jensen 0
Twin engine turboprop doesn't need a glass smooth runway to land on like the 757
Steve Cochrane 1
I seem to recall Borek air out of Calgary has been flying twin otters into Antarctica. Usually when it's an emergency in the harshest of conditions So what's the big deal with an Airbus twin turbo prop flying in on a sunny day. When it comes to winter flying and subzero temps Canada rules. Maybe Russia is up there too.
dav555 -1
Pretty cool. Not a bad little military transport aircraft, actually.

Personally, I'd prefer the C27 if I just had to choose a foreign aircraft.

The C130 Hercules rules and will always do so.

If Airbus hadn't been so unfairly and heavily subsidized by the Europeans over the years then I might be more sympathetic to their aircraft.
Torsten Hoff 3
Boeing has its sales subsidized through the U.S. Export-Import Bank, which provides low-interest or no-interest loans and loan underwriting. Both the US and Europe try to game the system, they just do it in different ways.
joel wiley 4
I think there is a minor difference. To my understanding, AB subsidies are basically for all sales. Ex-Im subsidies are for foriegn purchases, American firms are ineligable. Both firms gaming the system in leasing politicians on their own home grounds.
StarFlyr 2
How are US Export-Import Bank sales subsidized? Granted, the interest rate for foreign buyers is small (.0025%), but last year that interest rate returned 687.5 million to the US Treasury on sales of 27.5 billion. This not only reduces the foreign trade deficit, but also provides jobs to Americans who make these goods.

Now if these LOANS are not paid back, that's an entirely different story. I don't understand why the nayers on the right side of the aisle have a problem with this. I'm against almost every free thing/hand out the current administration does, but I'm 100% for these loans.


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