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Irish Pilot crashes helicopter

Take a look at this foolish move by a pilot trying to make two attempts at trying to land next to a motel. Unreal I thought he would have had more sense then this and lucky nobody got hurt ( Ещё...

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Daniel Baker 1
jal6010 1
Mad pilot what was he thinking at the time?. Lucky he's not a commercial pilot
siriusloon 1
Who said he's not a commercial pilot? The article doesn't say he's not.
siriusloon 1
The report says it looks like a wind was blowing. Yes, it's called rotor downwash.

It looks like he hit the tail rotor on one of the picnic tables, which shattered the rotor and then the helicopter flipped over. I love how the bystander just ambles over to the wreckage. Good thing he wasn't in a hurry to see if everyone was OK.
Frank Smith 1
Was the "Irish" pilot not reported as being an English business man who was arrested by the police at Dublin airport whilst fleeing the country after the incident !!
vector4traffic 1
I'm trying so hard to figure out how this was staged because if this is real and the pilot must have been checked-out for that size of heli, it's truly the stupidest thing i've seen in a while ....


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