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PARIS: Aeroflot cancels Boeing 787 order

Aeroflot has cancelled its order for 22 Boeing 787s, the carrier's deputy general director for strategy and alliances Giorgio Callegari confirms. "We have exercised our option to terminate the contract on the 787," he told Flightglobal at the Paris air show today. The airline executive says the decision was based on analysis of "capacity at the airport [Sheremetyevo]" and the "sustainability of the fleet development – sustainability in terms of the right mix of… ( Ещё...

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Ken McIntyre 9
Translation: We can't pay for them...
preacher1 4
Either that or Airbus is much cheaper.
Wolfgang Prigge 10
Or there is political interference from Mr Putin.
Jozef Trnka 1
who??? Mr Putin??? only Mr Rat or fk putin, not other
CaptainFreedom 1
Gary Bennett 0
Airbus=Yugo Yep always cheaper...
Ric Wernicke 5
They finally figured out that they have no passengers on long thin routes. Any given day more people want to go to Timbuktu than Moscow.

Putin's aggression into the affairs of former Soviet Republics will only increase sanctions against Russia, and many see increased sanctions that will cripple their ability to trade internationally.

Boeing will have no problem selling the planes to those who can make money with them. I would venture engineers are relieved that they will not have to support planes in Moscow. I remember a raffle where the top prize was one week in Moscow, and second prize was two weeks in Moscow.
preacher1 3
I'm kinda like the other post down here. Don't Airlines usually order at Air Shows? Maybe Putin wanted to make a point.
Richard Frey 2
They will probably make for the 787s by building more IL96 ;-)
Ken McIntyre 1
LOL Reverse engineering. Kind of like what they did with captured B29s after WWII.
dee9bee 2
Don't airlines usually ORDER planes at the Paris Air Show and cancel them in private?
s2v8377 2
I guess they want to continue the Russian tradition of using the least fuel efficient aircraft possible. The A350's is a far better fit for them to carry on this tradition than the 787!!!
Christopher Zimmon 1
That's what I'm thinking. The Russian/Us relationship is steadily heading down the toilet. So this last week the U.S. Says it may send heaven weapons to Poland, etc. the 787 cancelation is purely political.
jwmson 1
Or is it ole Putt-putt having another anti-western fit?
Jozef Trnka 1
let them, let they fall themselves
Scott Duncan 1
I guess they will wait for the Russian 787ski


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