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Saudi Arabia cancels contract with company that flew airliner to Israel

Saudi Arabia has terminated its contract with the Portuguese airline Hi Fly after it flew an empty jumbo jet marked with the logo of the kingdom’s national carrier, Saudia, to Ben-Gurion Airport for repairs. ( Ещё...

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Frank Smith 2
Hi Fly would have known from their contract with SV that this was not permitted. It really doesnt matter whether anyone agrees or disagrees with the SV position - if an airline wishes to fly on behalf of SV then they abide by the terms of the contract or look for business elsewhere for their aircraft. Obviously a serious oversight by Hi Fly has lost them a valuable contract.
Ric Wernicke 2
Even Taiwan has stopped the nonsense that you could not have a PRC pencil in your pocket on their soil. It is time for the Middle East to realize it was the same God that inspired Abraham, Jesus, and Mohammed (not to mention a couple of billion that follow Buddha.) Israel is here to stay, and they all better learn to get along. It is disgusting to right thinking people that the cradle of civilization is not civilized.

Three words define the Jewish peoples' survival over discrimination, destruction, and persecution. Am Israel Chai.

עם ישראל חי
miles wohl 1


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