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FAA Wants To Fine Southwest $328,550

The agency alleges that the Dallas-based carrier failed to properly inspect a Boeing 737 that experienced cabin depressurization on May 13, 2013. The flight, which was heading from Boston to St. Louis, made an emergency landing in Baltimore. ( Ещё...

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preacher1 6
What bother me is our speed of government. Both of theses happened 2 years ago in 2013.

matt jensen 3
well look at the center fuel tanks - nothing done yet
sparkie624 -3
What is wrong with the Center Fuel Tank and don't quote TWA 800 that was shot down by a missile and then covered up by the FBI.
honza nl 3
wasn't that Adolf H? or maybe the Russians? maybe even one from Mars? ps: better take your medication on time !
Jim Maxwell 3
Seems like a touchy balance. Too soon and they're seen as rushing to judgement.
preacher1 3
Jim Maxwell 4
I don't know. I'd want to be thorough if hitting a company with a big fine. We don't want to pay for more FAA employees, so maybe that's just how long it takes with the staff and workload. I'm sure lawyers had to review everything, too.
sparkie624 2
sparkie624 2
The only surprise here is that they missed only 1 inspection.
Robert Hirst 2
I read somewhere that many SWA aircraft are maintained outside the US. While I know the facilities are certified, why are they doing that? Seems that will all the fines and stuff, a big outfit like that would have their own facility and keep their eye on the ball. What am I missing here other than, maybe, money???
sparkie624 2
Yes, they do much of their heavy maintenance in South America!
michadm1 2
So doesn't the FAA just fine SWA or they have to ask for permission. Who will pay the fine, shareholders or customers.
sparkie624 3
It is hard to tell who watches who... I think they sleep together...
Joe Daniel 1
In the long run, the consumer/customer pays the bills for all associated cost
sparkie624 2


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