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Air Canada Flight 850 from Calgary to Heathrow diverted to Toronto

After leaving YYC about 1900 MST yesterday, an Air Canada 767 with 201 passengers was diverted to Toronto just before reaching Greenland ( Ещё...

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Jon Van Staalduinen 2
Totally get why the diversion to yyz was made
Guessing nothing serious
Ac can't get the 787 fast enough to replace these 767's
steve rogers 1
seems to me even Halifax would have been a better choice , to me that makes as much sense as getting a flat tire in montreal but drive back to Toronto to get it fixed .
Brian Lager 1
I agree that YHZ would have been closer. However, YHZ would not be able to supply a replacement aircraft so I would think YYZ was the logical choice. There are facilities in YHZ and engineers available with 767 endorsements. But that still leaves the question of spare aircraft.
Wolfgang Prigge 1
Gee, what's going on here in Canada, yesterday two flights of Porter Airlines also had to divert because of smoke in the cabin.
I love how the PR rep for AC says "an abundance of caution" - if the threat was real to the aircraft they should have put down at CYFB which they flew directly over on route to Toronto.

Instead a 4 hour flight to CYYZ was done which was patently less expensive for AC to land the bird at the maintenance bays and transfer pax to a standby aircraft at the hub. I am certain the costs of landing in Iqaluit, shuttling a replacement aircraft and then ferrying the borked bird to CYYZ was a touch more costly.

Is it just me or was the choice to go to CYYZ out of an abundance of cost savings and not so much out of risk?
joel wiley 1
LEE (Legume Enumerator Emergency)
michael kenny 1
Tend to agree. Some ten years ago, our inbound flight to LHR had a "minor engine issue". However, AC boarded us for the return to YYZ. The Captain said it wasn't anything to worry about, however he would fly closer to Greenland...."just in case".



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