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Modi government must launch enquiry into the aircraft deal that ruined Air India

No agenda papers were made available to members. A decision was still taken. Clearly, this calls Patel's bluff when he says that neither he nor the ministry was connected with the nuts and bolts of the aircraft acquisition. The story doesn’t end here. ( Ещё...

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Jason Feldman 1
1. It would be in everyones best interest (the banks, airline, Boeing, shareholders) if the deal were renegotiated.

2. Why did the banks sign off on that kind of deal. It is the underwriters job to make sure the borrower can repay the debt, know the industry, etc.

3. Proof again that the upper management that makes millions, who supposedly have ALL the answers and know what they are doing are in fact completely inept and just along for the highly paid ride.

The fact that NO ONE knew that this disaster was coming should be surprising, but it isn't. And greed is not good. the movie "Wall Street" was wrong.... Money being motivation is a good thing... blind greed is horrible.

Look at Alibaba - they are a publicly traded company, and the shareholder is not #1. Finally someone gets it. The customer is number 1, the employees are number two and the shareholders are #3. THAT is how you do business.


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