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Russian planes intercepted near U.S., Canadian airspace

wo U.S. jets intercepted six Russian planes that neared U.S. airspace off Alaska on Thursday and Canadian planes intercepted two Russian bombers that approached Canadian airspace, NORAD reported. A U.S. official told CNN's Barbara Starr that officials in Washington think the incidents were related to the visit by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, who talked to Canadian officials Wednesday and President Barack Obama on Thursday. The United States promised Ukraine $46 million in… ( More...

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joe milazzo 9
Folks, this use to happen all the time during to the Cold War! It's just military posturing!!
Thomas Cain 5
Yup, nothing more then "Cold War" style show of force! It's not a good sign though, that this type of activity is starting up again.
paulsingleton 4
True that. During the 80's I flew as a crewman on EP-3s. This type of thing was just another day at work...and definitely wasn't newsworthy.
preacher1 4
Everybody brings up KAL007 but there is not much mention made of the fact that we had an EC135 playing cat and mouse all night off the Russian coast in that same airspace, just going in a circle , in and out, that already had Russian Air Defense on ready anyway.
siriusloon 7
During the Cold War, this was called "Thursday". Our CF-18s in Lithuania are closer to Russia than these Bears came to Canada. Our frigate in the Black Sea is closer to Russia than these Bears were to Canada. The current MND's hysteria about these aircraft is as ridiculous as was his predecessor's breathless announcement about two Bears just before Obama visited Canada. Only problem was they weren't where or when he claimed and all Bear intercepts had been, and continue to be, outside Canadian air space.

Recently, the same MND was crying about some Russian aircraft overflying an RCN ship in the Black Sea, conveniently without any photos to prove it (not one sailor on deck had an iPhone?) and even more conveniently forgetting that if a Russian warship was that close to Canada, we'd send multiple aircraft out to look at it, too -- and then they'd continue to shadow it. One of the basic Rules of Diplomacy is "Don't complain about the same things you do, too."

And speaking of idiotic MNDs, the same one also used the Battle of Britain memorial on Sunday to introduce new rank insignia and uniform buttons (they've all changed from gold to silver), which he described as "new uniforms for the RCAF". What should have been a solemn ceremony of remembrance and respect for those who died in RCAF service was turned into a photo op for the minister. Classy, real classy.

Those of you outside Canada should know the current regime is facing a federal election in 2015 and the polls have them worried. Very worried. Several scandals have and continue to hurt them, with one about to go to trial in which a Senator appointed by the current PM is eagerly awaiting his chance to get revenge for being thrown under the bus (plus he's guilty of filing false expense claims). These and many other problems have the current regime running scared and it's partly why Dear Leader has been so mouthy to and about the Russians. Of course, being able to shout at them over the shoulder of Uncle Sam makes it easier to be so bellicose. Sending six CF-18s to Romania after Crimea was heisted may have looked good, but they were completely unarmed. Now there are just four CF-18s in Lithuania, but at least they do have weapons. No disrespect to the RCAF pilots involved, but they'll need them to fight their way west because Dear Leader will haul them out of there faster than the speed of sound if the Russians start a shooting war. Like the bully he is, our PM is all talk and no action.

And as far as the Russians sending bombers to various parts of international air space, keep in mind that for many, many years, the USAF had a 24/7 presence of B-52s armed with nuclear weapons orbiting just outside Russian air space. Remember that basic diplomacy rule.
I agree 100% with your posting. We lacked immediate global communications back in the 80's as well. Now everyone has a means of reporting events that occur immediately after. We don't have to wait a week for photos or video that must be processed and shipped. These things were happening every single day, but your average Joe didn't have a clue.
preacher1 2
I was at the lower end of South Korea in 1971 at Kunsan. Our F-4's were on alert 24-7 as we were right on the yellow sea across from China, but it was a regular occurrence for the KC135's to drop in to refill because they had so many birds in the air floating around, from looking glass to just the normal poke & prod of Russian, Chinese and North Korean Air defenses. U-2 were based at Osan and the blackbirds were at Kadena, down in Okinawa and let's just say they all flew to the West, not back east unless coming home. You are correct in that the average joe knew nothing about it and personally, as with most 'Nam era spitters, didn't want to.
Dave H 7
Oh here is a prime example of the media especially Wolf Blitzer our under the desk reporter, to try and stir something up. The media really doesn't have any exciting things going on so be on the watch for these people to grab something and basically make a mountain out of a mole Hill.
preacher1 0
Well, you really can't get them while they are out in International Air Space but seems to me that a week or 2 ago the actually came inside U.S Air space and that needed shot down. That said, President stompy feet ain't gonna do anything anyway and the Bear knows it. He is just trying to make him look more like a total a** than he already is. You can't bow to the world for 6 years then try and turn hard a** in 2 years.
siriusloon 6
Dammit! It's raining today. Is that Obama's fault, too?

What a simple world you live in. Everything is either God's will or Obama's fault. Saves you from being responsible for anything, doesn't it?
Jason Feldman 4
I hope no one is still fooled by the "divide and conquer" technique of democrat vs. republican. Those who really hold the power create these politicians out of the same cloth - just spewing opposite rhetoric. Yes, let's debate Obama and Bush rather that focus on the topics themselves - because hey, that's exactly what they want us to do. And in the meantime we are being sold out. And our government is for sale to the highest bidder. Is it possible for the incumbent's supporters to accept that their thoroughbred isn't perfect and make mistakes without citing what the previous president did or did not do in some crazy attempt to balance the playing field - as if that could possibly give credence to what is going on - in some insane loyalty to "your man" as if admitting fault somehow makes the other parties presidents regain the Oval Office
Ricky Scott 3
Unfortunately Jason most of the nation has fallen for it. Only when the American people wake up (if it is not already to late) can we reset the system back by Voting them ALL out.
preacher1 3
Well, even if the mid-terms change the congressional makeup and wind up in the opposite party. All that will really do is tie a can to O's tail for the next 2 years and I personally thing there will be a lot of government by stalemate or severe extra effort to get anything done. By the time this administration ends, if a change is made, it will take a good many years to resurrect common sense and intent of law, more than just a term or 2. Take your choice on the party but in all my years, I have never seen so many hogs at the trough at one time.
Jason Feldman -1
Don't get me wrong, this president has done more damage than any I have seen before. It will take decades to fix the mess he created. What I was saying is that democrat vs. Republican arguments only serve to divide us, and force people to back their party at all costs despite the facts.
preacher1 -4
Whether you agree with Obama or not, he takes the credit or the crap, just by being in the position of POTUS as will anyone else in that position. As far as the other, my Faith tells me that God created this earth and all on it, allowing Satan to go back and forth, tempting the believers. Power of God is over him and how you believe is up to you. This being an aviation forum, not going to start a religious discussion but the long and short, while it is not necessarily simpler, there is a lot less worry and stress over thing that a lot of folks hassle about.
tpmorrow 2
You're truly frightening if you believe even 10% of what you've written here.
megavoyager 1
i'm scared, mummy ! scared of the crazy man, and his strange words that make no sense !
So true!
NanaMcal 3
Hmm, wonder how many U.S jets are bordering Russian airspace?! Typical "pushing and shoving"
Gene spanos 4
What is going on over Alaska these days that the Ruskies want to see....Did the X-Gov leave her blinds open again ??
megavoyager 1
i hope so. i wouldn't mind seeing what she's got hidden away there !
T Economou 2
I think it's a little more than same old thing. Putins' persona mixed in with POTUS' amateurish efforts at foreign policy world wide have resulted in a gambit by Putin to tweak and strategically shove the US to see if any more easy pickings will become available. Look beyond the Russian air probes, factor in Crimea, Ukraine, and the other exposed (non-NATO) nations bordering Russia where Putin is also sniffing.
preacher1 2
Well, who knows. Putin is ex KGB and Cold War was over in the 80's. Now that he is in power, he probably wants to bring mother Russia back into at least part of her glory days. Same song, different verse but pretty much a lot of what you are saying
Russians aren't afraid of America, it was always known. Perhaps, the only country in the world, and it is the hell very quite good, it is so more interesting to live.
ken young 2
Nothing to see here. Since Putin has been in office and has shown his obvious disdain for the US, i have considered Russia an enemy.
As such, this is typical. Both nations will attempt to poke one another in the eye.
preacher1 1
Kenneth Webb 2
Typical game playing by the Russians. Been going on for years.
MH370 2
smoki 2
There seems to be a consensus in some posts to downplay this Russian military provocation as just more of the same ole business as usual posturing. On the contrary, it is likely an intentional effort to test our resolve and readiness under the current regime with a CnC who is not regarded by Putin nor any adversary as a worthy opponent, someone who is generally not engaged when it comes to military matters and foreign affairs. He is far more likely to be engaged in vacations, golfing and political fundraisers regardless of the situation and its urgency (Benghazi?). Obama's non-military aid to the Ukraine accompanied by his usual empty threats are all indicators that he is all about politics and nothing else.
garritt 1
did sarah see this from her porch ?
So true preacher!
T Economou 1
CaptJohn1 1
And our, "resident" thinks the cold war is over.
MAKPilot718 0
IF they did enter our airspace, as well as the Canadian's, then that's when I would have said, "FIRE!"
siriusloon 6
Good thing the Russians haven't shot down all the U.S. aircraft that have entered their air space. They got a few, but sure didn't get all of them. There are many reports of pilots getting lost and finding themselves over Russian (or Soviet) territory, way more than were actually shot down.

Since these latest flights didn't enter anyone's air space, you can uncock your itchy trigger finger.
Ricky Scott 4
I for one am very glad they didn't shoot down strays. It happens and itchy trigger fingers tend to cause wars.

[This poster has been suspended.]

siriusloon 5
Yeah, nothing bad could come of that. The Russians would just say "my bad" and then they'd all go home and never be bad boys ever again. And we'd all live happily ever after.

Have you ever considered proofreading before you hit "post" so that anyone trying to read it has at least a clue about what you're trying to say? What if your idea actually made sense sometime? How would anyone know?

[This poster has been suspended.]

Before shooting at anything there should be an assessment of the situation and a clear objective.

What objective could be accomplished by shooting down a Russian plane far away from any critical infrastructure in Canada or the US? They were intercepted and turned away, just the same old cat and mouse game as has been going on ever since the cold war started. I'm pretty sure our boys are doing the same on the other side of the Arctic Ocean. It's just a way to test the response time on both sides.

Emotions don't bring you very far in this game.
Ricky Scott 3
Agree Wolfgang, see above. Im glad they never shot at strays. Losing ones way with malfunctioning equipment happens. Seen more than one Mig up close pointing where to go :).


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