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Learning Jet to fill role as classroom at St. Paul airport

donated Boeing 727 will open as a hands-on classroom where schoolchildren can learn about aviation, weather and the physics of flight. ( More...

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steve rogers 4
this is the kind of stuff that will keep kids in school , very cool .
Dave Mills 3
I can just imagine being a kid able to spend a half-day or entire day with this bird...and on an airport! Incredibly cool. This is exactly the kind of project that will likely inspire more than one kid to go into aviation. I wish Steve Horvitz and his supporters the very best of luck in this endeavor.
Roger Curtiss 2
Attention airlines looking to dispose of old jets...I am opening a my house...yeah, that's if you would like to donate an airplane for...the children, right-for the children, then please contact me to arrange delivery details.
LOL!! Well said Roger! I would love to start a National Guard Museum of Flight, starting with any F-4 Phantom II up for donation. The joke is on me - if you gave me one I could still not afford to keep it. I think I would not mind going broke trying... Seriously, this Learning Jet is a wonderful thing. One thing I know I can afford to do is to pitch in a few bucks to a worthy cause such as this.
I wish this would have been a field trip option when I was in school! We are fortunate in Wisconsin to have the EAA Museum, but this is a wonderful way to ignite the aviation spark!
nicole ngono 1
I want to say " on the dark side " , " an " is a typing error
Bernie20910 -1
Except, only the teachers will be allowed to touch or do anything really cool, the students will be locked down like they're in jail because they're on an airport, at least half will have no interest in aviation (but had to go anyway because it was mandatory) and the ones who do have a genuine interest will be so bummed by the letdown they may lose their interest. Our educational system tends to make even the greatest of things into utter boredom and drudgery.
nicole ngono 2
Sir , why do you look an the dark side ? No ........... All my students like to travel by air .
Bernie20910 1
Because that's how it was when I went to school. The "cool toys" the students never got to touch or work with, or if we did it was in some really minimal role with a teacher hovering directly over our shoulders. As an example, the high school I went to had a very large, very expensive, IBM mainframe computer in our computer lab. It was supposed to be for the students to learn on and work with. In the four years I went to that school it never once even got powered up for the students or while students were in the room. If you were coding for the machine you turned in your work to the teacher, who would run your programs (supposedly) during lunch, before class, or after school. I don't think that machine ever actually got turned on. At another nearby high school my friend was training to become an aviation mechanic, and the school had quite an assortment of retired airframes and powerplants for the kids to work on, but no students were ever actually allowed to do anything on the airframes, the powerplants were never actually run, and students made do with models and cutaways. No one wanted to risk equipment getting damaged or broken, or any possibility someone might skin a knuckle or something.

That was the prevailing attitude during my high school years, and the main reason I dropped out and joined the Navy (got my GED while I was in and my degrees afterwards under the GI Bill).
bill kruspe 2
don't be such a spoil sport Bernie. The article clearly states that, " they will be allowed to touch anything they want " !
Bernie20910 -1
Right, and I'm sure the reporter was actually told that by someone who may even have believed it. But later on along will come the school board, the administrators, the lawyers, the petty bureaucrats, the teacher's union, hell, even the janitorial staff will probably have a say in it, and what was said to the press will be long forgotten.
bill kruspe 2
Wow . Take a deep breath Bernie and relax. You are ranting over nothing !
Bernie20910 0
Nah, not ranting at all. Just telling it like it was, back in the day. Is it different today? Could be, but I doubt it.


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