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FlightAware Map Updates - View All Planes, Nearby Airports, Premium Map Layers

You can now view all the nearby flights when tracking a flight; FlightAware will display all the air traffic around flights that you're tracking. Click the "+" in the upper right of the map and check the "Nearby Flights" The nearby flights will automatically load and display the airplane icons on the map. You can hover over a flight for more information, or click on it to go to a flight's tracking page. ( Ещё...

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Jeffrey Babey 7
Very cool upgrade! Thanks again Team FlightAware! :)
Chuck Me 4
Constantly working to improve the product. As a "customer", I greatly appreciate it.
peter vergis 3
I will never complain about taxes again. This really exemplifies the tough job of air traffic control.
mike osborne 2
great upgrade, keep up the outstanding improvements!!!!
Palak Bhattacharyya 2
Keep up the good work! I see my loved ones make it across to their destinations whenever they fly and I count on FlightAware to keep me posted.
Peter Thompson 1
Excellent reason to be associated with FlightAware!
Arthur Wright 1
Outstanding. Really gives a since of how busy the airways are up there.
max lyons 1
Phiet Ngo 1
Lloyd Miller 1
This is just too cool! Thanks!!!!
Joel Miller 1
Is there any way to turn that feature off when viewing a single flight? I usually prefer the "nearby flights" feature only when viewing the traffic at a specific airport.
Adriana Marinari 1
Jerry Wilkins 1
Incredible upgrade, people! The breadth and depth of information that is available by clicking on the plane icons was a real surprise.
Kevin Kelly 1
anthony fiorelli 1
That is great app. Ilove it


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