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Developers could break ground this month on homes adjacent to West Houston Airport, according to official

One of the most unique neighborhoods in the greater Houston area is expecting to break ground in July at the West Houston Airport. ( Ещё...

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Philip Clifton 7
I wish someone would build air park homes for the rest of us. I'd absolutely love to live on an airport and have an attached hangar to keep my (future) plane in. But I have no need for a 3000 square foot home, nor do I want to pay for it. I just want an average pedestrian home that happens to connect to an airport.

It's just frustrating that air parks seem to end up being status symbols with McMansions. Some of us just want to fly, without all the trappings of wealth attached.

Plus it'd be really nice to live at West Houston since it's still within a reasonable distance of the office.
tim mitchell 2
just buy about 17 acres of rural property build you a house and mark and a maintain a grass strip
Leighton Elliott 6
good finally some neighbors that welcome aircraft instead of whining and complaining idiots who bought long after the airport became operational.
Bernie20910 3
Do they also include a guest wing for the TSA security team you'll one day be assigned?
Gene spanos 2
josh homer 2
I personally love being by an airport. Just moved back to Fort Worth, a few blocks from KFTW. I missed seeing airplanes after seeing none at all for s few years!
Scott Campbell 1
Wow Bernie your a winner ! Do you refuse the airport scan too ?
Bernie20910 1
eichelro 1
I hope this works out since the plans looked great. Woody told me about it when I bought my plane.
Doug Johnson 1
This will be interesting. When I lived in Sacramento, CA we would take visitors up to Cameron Park which was airport community in the foothills. People liked seeing the low signs and aircraft hanger "garages". It has been over 18 years and by the looks from the internet it is still there and not had the hangers turned into man caves. But the forth generation might still make it so. ;-}
joel wiley 1
Found a shameless plug for it from last year.
I live just 3 ridges over.
Scott Campbell 1
Thank God Bernie , good choice !!
Bernie20910 1
Yeah, the airlines and the TSA have made it just about impossible for me to fly these days, with the long lines, uncomfortable and cramped seating, invasive searches simply because I have a bad limp, etc., etc. If I can't drive there, I don't go.
sharon bias -1
I don't think plane crashing into home is a normal part of a homeowners insurance policy. Would love to see the premium for that policy, since the chances of a small plane crashing are much much higher than a commercial aircraft.
Peter Crew 1
There is already a substantial neighborhood around the airport,,,don't think they complain! Sounds like a USA Today reader!!!!
Les Ede -1
Here come the noise complaints.........
flyingarmadillo 3
Didn't read the article did you? The homes have attached hangers and you're required to own an airplane and hanger it there before you allowed to buy the home. It's unlikely there will be complaints from those homeowners.
Bernie20910 3
Well, at least not the first and second generation owners. But eventually a couple of folks will get together and convince the HOA board to do away with the aircraft requirement "because they're so expensive to maintain now", and someone else will get permission to make the hanger into a family room (or man cave, or garage, or...) and then, along about the third or fourth owners, who aren't pilots and who inherited the place from Grandpa, or bought it for the huge garage, will get together with other folks around the area who also aren't pilots, and next thing you know they're demanding a curfew, then they're demanding it be closed.
Kurt Anderson 1
Just wait a few years and see what happens.


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