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Russia to ban US from using Space Station over Ukraine sanctions

In retaliation for imposing sanctions, Russia will also bar its rocket engines from launching US military satellites. ( Ещё...

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Ric Wernicke 6
Does everyone now see why America should build entire manned launch vehicles? The next one from Space X could be called the "Trampoline."
ADXbear 8
Look this announcements should come as no surprise to this administration, all of us working on the space shuttle program for most of our lives warned Mr Obama while he campaigned in Florida about keep one space shuttle active for 2 flights a year to prevent the Russians from make just this move.. There were congressmen that brought this possibility up.. to deft ears..

We have been sending them $70 mil a seat and over $500 million to commercial companies that still cant get our astronauts to the ISS.. Now we have to hope for Space X to get there fast, or loose access to our 100 BILLION dollar ISS investment..
So how is this Administration working for us now.. The people should have listened to and supported us the former space shuttle work force..
I agree, but we should have never got in bed with the Russians concerning space in the first place. I blame this administration and the former administration. From g 2007-2009 NASA was raped with layoffs and the Space Shuttle was retired.The US should have started working on a replacement for the Shuttle after the Challenger disaster. Everbody should have seen this coming. Hopefully, it will never happen again.
preacher1 1
Many have wondered why a replacement was not ready before the shuttle was retired, and this just reinforces that curiosity.
preacher1 4
What do you expect from a community organizer from Chicago that has no experience on the world stage? He looks worse in most cases, than the Malaysians trying to find MAS370.
Ric Wernicke 1
That is not fair, the Malays are doing a much better job than Clint Eastwoods empty chair.
Richard Smith -7
Dudes, GET REAL. Putin took Crimea, he is about to take Eastern Ukraine, and OBAMA is the problem? You righties need to wake up. Fortunately, numbers wise, you are dying out.
preacher1 3
Well, we may be dying out, but let's wait until November and see just how much. O is doing the sanctions but he has kissed up to everybody and is a paper tiger and a laughingstock on the world stage. Putin is pushing back with all he has at hand, knowing there won't be any repercussion. That is where O is the problem, for not anticipating this ahead of time.
No reercussion? You have been drinking the coolaid. What do you think will happen now? NASA will be reborne and our monney will no longer go to Russia. So that means the space race is back on for the private US space industry and NASA. ITS THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO THE US!!!!!!!!
preacher1 2
Let's wait and see that happen first, and what about the people on the space station right now. What you say may very well happen, but not in time to do them any good. May I pour you a glass?
No thanks, I know this crap is going to blow over just like all political crap does. The people on the space station are going to be fine. If both countries own the station, how can one kick the other out? Don't let CNN,FOX,CBS,or ABC get your blood boiling over nothing. Remember, that's how they get paid. Oh,by the way,"the majority of the station's power, among other capabilities, comes from solar panels on the American segment. Without both countries' involvement, it seems unlikely that the station — the only occupied outpost our species has in space — can survive." Sounds like a scene from the movie 2010 A Space Odyssey. I hope that the astronauts/cosmonauts have cooler heads up there than the politicians down here on earth. Like you said Preacher1, "Let's wait and see what happens first".
canuck44 5
As Colonel Peters stated recently "For the first time in history the US President is a coward!". Under his "leadership", we have alienated our best allies, Britain, Canada, Germany, Israel, Brazil, Poland, Egypt, India...all in favor of sucking up to countries that continue to hate us. None fear us. Your delusions on conservatives "dying out" will not be decided on these pages but at the ballot box beginning in November. I don't anticipate a huge surge from the Plantation voters to justify your statement.
(Plantation voters)??????????
Richard Smith -5
I'm sure you all get your "Fair and Balanced " news from Faux News. Back to aviation....
canuck44 1
Some of us are still capable of reading and looking at pictures that do not have a text balloon to make a point.
preacher1 1
linbb 2
Seems you are the one asleep at the switch. Higher taxes and less done is the way of the bama, take the guns away from those who have them legally. He will do more damage between now and the end of his term.
Doing business with Russia or China is folly in the long run. We never needed them in the first place. With our governmental leadership on a continuing downward spiral for decades, the outcome will not be good but predictable.
canuck44 4
We should pull the plug on it now and not wait for 2020. Apart from sending back a few pretty pictures, it has had decreasing scientific value.

Besides we will need the money for the principal objectives of NASA...promotion of the Climate Change fraud and Muslim outreach.
Pileits -5
Beware of Faux News reports, the story may have many false facts as commonly happens with Fox.
canuck44 7
Yup, FOX doesn't have a brother, a wife or husband of their people working at the White House or married to the taxpayer liar Jay Carney like ABC, CBS or NBC. Definitely we should not believe a word that has not been filtered by the DNC, an Obamabot, Harry Reid's office or Nancy Pelosi. Reading stories like this might put you at risk of falling off the Plantation and losing your first class membership at the Daily Worker or the World Socialist.
Richard Smith -1
That's funny!! That was so ignorant a comment, it must've been said by someone trying to make the righties sound sooo stupid. And it worked!


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