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United Airlines Reservation System Crashes (Again)

United Airlines’ computer systems failed Wednesday morning and the problem caused significant disruptions for passengers who had planned travel on the airline. A spokesman for the airline said that its Shares passenger service system failed at 9 a.m. Eastern Time. The disruption lasted approximately 30 minutes but it was followed by sporadic failures that continued throughout the morning.... ( Ещё...

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David Brunner 3
I used to work at the datacenter in Denver where the UAL system (known as "Apollo") was housed. I believe it was 8 mainframes, all working together, just for the reservations part. An outage such as this (known as a "complex outage".. the entire processor complex fell over) is very rare. I believe their hardware is now located in Atlanta and run by Travelport, according to Wikipedia.
josh homer 1
Was Apollo created specifically for United like Sabre initially was for AA? I know other airlines adopted Sabre, just wondering if the same is true for Apollo.
David Brunner 1
Yes.. and I think there was some controversy as to who exactly was "first"..
Gary Opperman 1
The shares system was the old eastern airlines reservation system from 1979. When the merger came about the combined company management decided to go with shares but the system is not built for the volume that is needed. Apollo was inhanced to the point that it was reliable and easy to use. This was not a merger. It was a sellout by United management and a takeover by Continental. The United management took their golden parachutes and left. There is I believe 1 vp left from original management. The so called merger is taking so long because everything about the airline is Continental and nothing United. They have done the same thing to United that american did to TWA.
Denis Mahony 1
Continental was a nice airline to fly. I hated to see the merger with United because mergers seem to do two things. Mergers make flights more expensive. Worse yet, mergers cause wicked overbooking,out timing of crews, gate delays and often terminal changes on transfers. Having dealt with United I will say one thing. If you are a United CC holder and/or a premium member, United is pretty sweet. If you are an online best price flier, well have fun.
Donald Pungowiyi 1
Only because they didn't merge and keep Continental's name. lol


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