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And the world's safest airline is ...

Flight-phobics, relax -- a list of the world's safest airlines has just been released. Top of the ranking from of the safest carriers in 2013 is the Australian airline Qantas. Awarding it a full seven stars, the website cites the airline's fatality-free flying record from the beginning of the jet era in the early 1950s. ( Ещё...

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CaptainFreedom 5
Kam Air looks quite safe. There's a nice man holding an AK-47 there solely for my personal protection lol :)
Gotta be right. Rain Man said so.
Dan Anderson 2
capflier - I don't understand. How is it that Boeing sells the seats with a variety available for their various aircraft, and that ONLY ANA can use on style of seating?
capflier 1
Well it's because Boeing sells a variety of seats, that airlines can each have their own styles. There aren't too many carriers who have 787s right now, and those type of seats are only used by ANA currently...
Tyler Gage 1
How is El Al not topping the list???
Tyler Gage 1
skylloyd 1
Boeing doe not sell seats, Boeing installs the seats the airline selects, after that the configuration is up to the airlines.
capflier 0
I love how in picture 3 they show ANA 787 seats, yet they claim it Singapore Airlines...


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