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Tampa PD Helo captures C210 crash at KTPA, officer pulls pilot from plane

Tampa PD Helo captures C210 crash at KTPA, officer pulls pilot from plane. ATC audio and video from the story are in the link. ( More...

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blueashflyer 5
Kudos to the Tampa PD. Great job guys.
Ted Van Over 4
The pilot is a friend and former co-worker of mine. He was still in ICU as of Sunday afternoon. Please pray for Mark.
Josh Wooding 1
What are his injuries? Is he expected to survive?
KW10001 2
Looked painful in the video, but its even worse if you see the pictures from another angle. He slammed right into an embankment. Ouch. Glad he is ok.
Harry Rowe 2
Kudos to Tampa PD Aviation Team. This aircraft was returning from my airport - KVLD
Pilot did a great job getting to where he landed instead of the roads around TPA. Kudos to the Tampa PD. They were in the right spot at the right time.
isardriver 2
glad to see someone saw it and was able to respond immediately. good job police
Good work police !
Ralph Wigzell 1
I wish Mark a full and speedy recovery. Good job Tampa PD.
cuttlefish 1
That's a video?
Edmundo Ribas 1
Good morning ,Do you have the picture ?
Richard Buck 1
I am amazed that an aviation web site can't get the Tampa airport identifier right, it's
TPA, not TIA, even the local media can't get it right. When it comes to local media, don't
believe anything they say, and only half of what you see.
Locals call it Tampa International Airport. That's where TIA comes from. Not everyone is a pilot! I agree with not believing much from the press, though! Great job by both pilot and Police helo! Does this count as a landing you can walk away from?


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