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Nighttime at SFO Int'l

Capturing both a passenger's experience at the airport as well as the airport itself in just over 90 seconds, I found this video to be quite entertaining, highlighting the nighttime experience of flying! ( Ещё...

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Tricia Finken 4
Wow, I fly to SFO all the time. Now I see it with a different view, amazing!
mbv9415 3
Beautiful video. enjoyed the story behind it. Gives hope to the rest of us.
Gena Gonzales 3
Great! I love it. I work at the tower.
Michael Fuquay 3
This is probably what it feels like to ATC.
Bob Carlson 2
I can't even begin to imagine how much time and effort you put into this. It's great!
Michael Lundy 2
Sam Unruh 2
bdarnell 2
That's awesome. Great work.
Richard Shirley 2
Great keep up the good work
Robert Stamps -1
What is so great about this?
Ms McCutcheon 1
Capturing a jet in flight is not an art, but a talent. Any one can go fast in a straight line.
Please forgive me as I do not want to offend any one..its kind of a paradox because, good pilots
do go fast in a straight line, when others can't.
Ms McCutcheon 0
Nice eye--this photographer needs to go to McCarran and shoot..
Ms McCutcheon 1
I LOVE "the meadows", aka Las Vegas..because wherever you are in the city, you can see a jet flying...I was on Paradise and was amazed at the proximity..its a gift...and yes, needs to be photographed, ongoing, in my opinion.


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