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Delta bumps 50 passengers to accommodate Florida basketball team

Fifty Thanksgiving weekend travelers were bumped from a commercial Delta airlines flight on Sunday so that the University of Florida basketball team could travel to Storrs, Conn. for a Monday game against UConn. ( Ещё...

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Er.A.K. Mittal 2
In war, it is stated that a few have to die so that many others can live.
Again in legal system, certain laws are made for greater good, though a smaller number may suffer.
That's the of irony/fallacy of having democracy !
It will interesting to know what the Delta guys have to say for such a decision !
Provided they disclose it !
vincentvan 4
I'm forever amazed at the narrow mindedness of pilots, and their's no wonder why I left the "good life" of commercial aviation for law. I now have afforded myself a much wider variation of folks I can choose to work with. The Phil's of this world drove me out of it. I spent 11 years dealing with narrow minded right wing but cases such as he, and couldn't take anymore. I flew for a legacy carrier (most of my commercial time in 737's). I won't go on, but I would not want to try and rise through the ranks at the carrier I was associated with as a person of color!!! It's sad, but I've said erer since, "I love flying, but I couldn't get along with my fellow pilots".
Musketeer1 1
So you rant about Phil being narrow minded while you lump every single pilot into a group with him? I could make a similar derogatory statement about lawyers and their greediness and probably be more accurate.
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Please my friend Musketeer1, please.
Look out before you start , I am just right there in the crowd !
One mistake. Another mistake.
Two mistakes DO NOT make one right.
All know it .
I think if you read his comment again, it seems that he is referring to the pilots he flew with at his carrier, not everyone...
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
Dear THRUSTT, pardon the intervention, even if vincentvan meant '(all) those he flew with' , this too is a wide generalization and that is avoidable.
If ALL COLLEAGUES are bad in any system, then some thing is wrong with you, not with system or others !
Every one knows that .
Musketeer1 1
I read "I'm forever amazed at the narrow mindedness of pilots, and their ilk.

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ToddBaldwin3 4
Nope. Mr. Rudd has posted many racist comments.

[This poster has been suspended.]

dennis attig -3
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Delta kicks passengers off for Gators

Fifty passengers had their holiday travel plans disrupted on Sunday when Delta Airlines kicked 50 people off a full flight so it could use the plane for the Florida Gators basketball team


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