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Delta to Introduce Updated Boeing 757s, Additional Flights for JFK-LAX Route

Delta Air Lines announced it will introduce three updated Boeing 757 aircraft on its route between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport on July 1, 2014. The aircraft will be updated with lie-flat seats in the carrier’s BusinessElite class, as well as the addition of Economy Comfort seats. ( Ещё...

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Muchits 1
Anyone know the tail numbers they plan to upgrade? I'm guessing it would be some of the 75Xs or 75Es?
s2v8377 1
If I had to take a guess they will be upgrading the 75E fleet. I have included their Ship / Tail Numbers below:

757-2Q8 N702TW 6801
757-2Q8 N703TW 6802
757-2Q8 N704X 6803
757-2Q8 N706TW 6804
757-2Q8 N707TW 6805
757-2Q8 N709TW 6806
757-2Q8 N710TW 6807
757-2Q8 N712TW 6808
757-2Q8 N713TW 6809
757-2Q8 N624AG 6818

757-231 N705TW 6811
757-231 N711ZX 6814
757-231 N717TW 6812
757-231 N718TW 6815
757-231 N721TW 6810
757-231 N722TW 6816
757-231 N723TW 6817
757-231 N727TW 6813
Nolan Middlemas 1
I thought they are replacing them? Or are they just updating?
John Vander Vliet 1
Some of the older ones they are replacing. But updating the rest.
s2v8377 1
Most of the B767-332ER's have been reconfigured from 76U's to 76W's with the newer business class seats. Not sure which Ships are currently 76U's and how many are 76W's. I know most of Delta's now call for 76W's in their timetable so I'm guessing the majority of the fleet has been converted.

[This poster has been suspended.]

s2v8377 1
As far as I know wont the 767's will still be around for sometime? I didn't think Delta was getting enough A330's to replace the majority of the 767 fleet. My guess is their B767-332 (76P / 76Q) and B767-3P6ER (76G) will be first to go?

It will be interesting to see on the 757 with the arrival of the B737-932ER's and the A321's on order.
pdixonj 1
It will be the 75Es they currently use on the transcon flights...the 6800 ship numbers.
markdickinson 1
How is this different from what they already provide? Are there going to be no regular economy seats and all economy comfort?
pdixonj 1
BE will have 16 flat-bed seats. EC will have 44 seats, up from the current 25. Standard economy will have 108 seats. "All" seats will have AC power and USB ports, as well as upgraded IFE monitors nose to tail. The aircraft currently have WiFi, but will also get live SAT TV installed.
chalet 1
Big deal, just as exciting as watching paint dry


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