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United Starts Denver to Tokyo Non-stop Service

United begins 787 non-stop service between Denver and Tokyo, Japan. This is Denver's first non-stop connection to Asia! ( Ещё...

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James Scott 2
Wow, that is one long route, but if passenger loads are good, it should be a very profitable route.
hardworker7 1
I agree. Good for Denver! If UAL doesnt abandon CLE, Hopkins Intl might see some intl service.
Roland Dent 2
This is just wunnerful...far sighted move that will pay good profits...perfect for the 787. I keep tellin folks the 787 is the contemporary 707...the new legend.
Richard Tibbitts -3
The manufacturer of the so-called Dreamliner will probably be having nightmares for months to come, if not years. Now that Boeing engineers have supposedly corrected all the problems of battery overheating, JAL technicians just discovered a fault with one of the sensors that guessed it...overheating! if the battery begins to malfunction again, nobody will find out about it – until it's too late.

I find it interesting that this wasn't considered a "safety issue". Apparently, Boeing execs are determined to destroy the company's hard-earned reputation – what's left of it, anyway.

And what's the solution to any engineering problem in Seattle these days? Hire more useless managers, and fire the people who actually do the work. After all, it's not like they were earning their salaries or anything.


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