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American Airlines Halts All Departures After Reservation System Goes Down

American Airlines spokeswoman Stacey Frantz said Tuesday that the system was fixed by 4:30 p.m. EDT. But the airline expects to see flight delays and cancellations throughout the rest of the day. Tracking service FlightAware says that as of mid-afternoon, American has canceled more than 700 flights and another 765 flights are delayed. ( Ещё...

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preacher1 2
What part about COMPUTER GLITCH do we not understand????? We had all experiened it on an individual basis if we have been a user for awhile. It's just magnified when it breaks out like this. Most corporations have redundancies to try and keep stuff like this from happening, BUT, you can oly do so much.
joel wiley 1
And many corporations are cutting everything to improve this quarter's earnings numbers. Salaries, benefits, positions are all fair game. Redundant systems for safety are also likely targets. Who needs a backup chute when you haven't needed the primary yet? (well, maybe the last is going too far)
sparkie624 2
I am missing something here Joel, or you are in the wrong conversation... What does the Salaries, Benefits, have to do with computer glitch. It is the internet that has the problems... As long as we continue to get more dependent on it with our Smart Phones, accessing banking, purchasing things on line, these glitches are going to become more of a problem and has nothing to do with Salaries. The internet itself is inherently fragile and was never intended to do what it is doing today.
joel wiley 1
Sparkie624, it was a bit unclear. The computer glitch may well have components of inadequate analysis and design, inadequate testing, and inadequate fail-over backup systems due to the continual cutting of anything that can improve the short term balance sheet regardless of the longer term negative consequences. Cutting of those among salaries and benefits are the tie in. I tend to disagree on the overall fragility of the internet itself. Dependency on just-in-time resupply with international suppliers is much more fragile in terms of disruption. I am very concerned about military avionic components when we don't even make circuit boards in this country. As for the internet- the original intent was to connect a universe of a whopping 254 computers world-wide. We sorta missed that mark. Computer failures are a matter of when, not if.
Tom Kearney 1
American Airlines Resumes Flights After a Computer Problem

• American said the problem was caused by an inability to gain access to its reservations system, called Sabre.
• the flaw was not related to the bomb attacks in Boston on Monday.
• American’s system problem did not come from Sabre's computer systems.
• Gate agents at Dallas were as uninformed as the passengers were, reduced to getting information from the airline’s Facebook page.
sparkie624 1
Get used to it... As we get more reliant on computers and the internet, more of this is going to happen... the internet is quite fragil.
Richard Tallini 1
American Airlines! So awesome. A computer glitch in the reservation system that caused the cancellation of over 700 flights? Well I was on a flight, several days after the glitch, that got me from SLC to LAX. The connecting flight to SAN was cancelled, so they put all of the passengers on two buses and drove us from LAX to SAN. I suppose you can call it ground affect driving. Did I mention that this was during rush hour? Anyway, arrived four hours late! No explanation, no apology, not even a bad excuse. Some said that this is a residual effect from the computer glitch. Maybe a new way for AA to save money. Like rolling black-outs!

Nice job AA!
Toby Sharp 1
Did they distribute beverages and peanuts at least?
joel wiley 0
No mention of controller furloughs due to sequestration?
Alejandro S 0
Glitch with Flight Aware?
Not sure what happened, I posted an article about an hour before the CBS News article that is shown above and it has now disappeared, and now shows the cbs article as my post.
Anyhow, here's the link I actually did post
Tom Kearney 0
"From the sunrise in the east, to the sunset in the west...."
Ric Wernicke -1
That 1970 commercial was made BC (before Crandall) when American was a great airline. Since then he promoted Sabre, the computer reservation system that is the precursor of the one that crashed today. Prior to Sabre there was a system that held your reservation and assured payment had been received. It was called a ticket. A wonderful slip of paper that was surrendered with your bags and you were issued a boarding pass. You wandered through the terminal to the gate. There was no hurry because there was no Kubuki Security at all. At the gate the smiling employee let you select a seat from a chart on the wall. They peeled off the seat number and stuck it on your boarding pass. People boarded quickly because everyone checked their bags. It was included in the price of the ticket. The only thing in the overhead was coats, hats, and the ocassional violin case. Very little outside Wx and mechanical problems kept flights on the ground.

Look at what technology in the hands of MBA's has brought! Time to turn the airline back over to pilots, engineers, and service staff. This cost the airline little. They are not buying fuel, and future flights over the next week will be packed to the gills.

What about the passengers? Their lost time is invaluable, and many will suffer loss of considerable sums for hotels, meals, and ground transportation.
Ben Deneweth 4
Yeah, and while we're at it how about we shut down this blasted internet thing and get rid of our cell phones and maybe dump all those fancy fancy vaccine things and have all our kids get killed by various plagues.
preacher1 2
Good, Bad, or Ugly, have you looked at ticket prices between the same two points? I can agree with you on the way it was, but that $ figure does have to be figured in there. In regulated days, when the brotherhood needed a raise or any other major costs, the CAB just said raise your rates boys.Can't happen now.
joel wiley 2
Wasn't that before Nixon broke up AT&T into the RBOCs like a big blob of mercury in an antitrust action? Look how far we've come. Oh wait, just like little blobs of mercury.... Seems like the airlines are going the same way, only not starting as a broken up monopoly.
preacher1 3
I remember when he broke it all up into the baby bells. We have come full circle in 30 or so years with primarily a local provider and picking LD. AT&T or MCI/Verizon out there with some other smaller ones riding their backbones and them actually on each others in places.Of course you have cable and VoIP but they are riding somebody's cable or tower.
Toby Sharp -6
Systems went down around 1030central time.....I wonder if this has anything to do with the attacks in Boston yesterday......
Toby Sharp 1
A terrorist attack.....shutting down a major US carrier for a few hours would twist the panties of a lot of people.
Harold Dola 2
Toby Sharp 2
I hope you guys are right. I understand that's what if probably was Joe, thanks for acting like I am a complete idiot though, I appreciate that.
joel wiley 4
or maybe an intro to post-merger service "improvements"?
matt jensen 1
I doubt it, unless central rez has a virus
SootBox 0
I believe American had a credible terror threat and took it seriously. The SABRE ruse is just a smoke screen.
Alejandro S 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

American Airlines Resumes Operations Following Computer Crash Causing Delays And Cancellations

American Airlines has resume flight operations following yesterday's computer system crash which forced the airline to halt all flights from departing and ultimately forced 862 flight to be cancelled and about 2,200 to be severely delayed.

American was able to get its systems, including the Sabre reservation...
CarlosJCruz -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Computer glitch: AA grounds all flights through 5 p.m. E

American Airlines has grounded all of its flights through 5 p.m. ET because of a computer glitch.

More than 520 flights on American and regional affiliate American Eagle had been canceled as of 3:15 p.m. ET, according to flight-tracking service FlightStats........
Torsten Hoff -1
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

American Flights Resume At LAX After System Outage

LOS ANGELES ( — An outage that crippled the main reservations system for American Airlines has been fixed after disrupting travel for thousands of passengers at Los Angeles International and airports around the U.S.
ltcjra 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

American Airlines Grounds All Flights Due to System Crash

‘The Fort Worth, Texas-based airline said on Twitter Tuesday afternoon that its system, Sabre, is offline.


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