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India's Kingfisher submits plan to regulator to restart airline: CEO

Reuters) - India's grounded Kingfisher Airlines (KING.NS) has submitted a plan to the country's aviation regulator to restart operations, asking for its license to be renewed with the help of funds from its parent UB Group, its Chief Executive said on Wednesday. "We have given a complete plan ... which includes our schedule that we plan to operate, the aircraft we plan to operate, the number of people we have," Sanjay Aggarwal told reporters in the Indian capital. "We… ( Ещё...

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Torsten Hoff 3
Using which planes? The ones that have been flown out of the country by the lease owners, or the ones that aren't airworthy and about to be scrapped?
Toby Sharp 3
Every time I hear the word Kingfisher, all I hear is a toilet flushing!
Toby Sharp 1
Just give it up Kingfisher!
They must think they are in the US where bankrupt companies get to continue to operate.


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