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Woman with child drives onto Phoenix runway

A woman with a child... rammed her 1997 Saturn into an airport gate and drove onto an active runway about 10 p.m., according to the Phoenix Police Department. Phoenix police responded quickly by stopping the car and taking the woman into custody, police said. Airport operations were shut down for a couple minutes, but flights didn’t experience delays or any danger... ( Ещё...

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JD345 7
This is why we need reproduction licenses.
Toby Sharp -3
Or Snipers up there hangin out in the tower
pfp217 -1
Joseph Howes -3
Justin Ebright 6
All that high tech security "stuff" couldn't keep a Saturn out of the airport LOL
JD345 4
I think a lot of us here can think of stuff to do at our local international airports that we don't even want to post on the internet lest someone else take the idea and run with it.
egnilk66 3
fiuchris 3
My other half is a SW FA who was on the flight that was on final when this happened, causing them to abort and circle. ( At least now I can tell him what "vehicle" was on the runway :)
Mickey McCarthy 3
Unfortunately, I think it's safe to say alcohol was involved.
sparkie624 3
Would not surprise me... May have been 1, 2, or 6 too many :)
Dee Lowry 2
You know...we post this breach of security at our airports and I agree with JD345! The "bad guys" are taking all this in and they are most likely getting a big kick out of it! We tend to make light of this...what if it happened at JFK, LAX or IAD? We can't forget that fatefull day, 9/11. We cannot become complacent. This is not the time to let our guard down. What ever happened to "Stop Short of the Runway"...especially with "Unicom". That's a no brainer with anybody who has any "grey matter"! Stupidity...and you can't fix stupid!!!
preacher1 2
It did happen at JFK. Completely innocent but remember the guy with the broke down jet ski a few months back. He wasn't detected, so to speak, until he approached somebody for help. Based on that, had he been a bad guy and wanted to, he could have tore up jack. Why have so much emphasis and security on the front door if the back one is wide open?
George Gewehr 2
It was done years ago in England. It was a car Ferry from England to the Continent.
Debra Welch 2
I still can't get past the "Authorities found Anderson with a pacifier in her mouth and her son in the back seat." A pacifier on HER mouth, and the baby is in the back seat. Good lord.
preacher1 2
Well, they said she was either drunk or stoned.
Joseph Howes 2
why an airport though. she could have gone anywhere in phoenix and she chose the airport
Zach Katona 2
What is it with PHX and people driving onto the runway? I remember a few years back that a police chase led to the taxiways of the airport as well. I'm sure this happens at other airports but I feel like I haven't heard about incidents like this quite as much as I have with Sky Harbor. They might want to think about putting up stronger fences or something if this keeps up.
joe hoeft 3
Instead of fences how about security barriers like tho ones at military bases that can raise up and high center the car.
ToddBaldwin3 2
Meacham Field (KFTW) used to be really bad for incursions too.
Dee Lowry 2
Common Sense was definately non-existant. Where the hell was security???
TSA has nothing to do with this. I think Phoenix dodged a bullet with this one. Where were the so called airport enforcement authorites? Says alot about "Homeland Security"!
preacher1 3
Talk about runway incursions. Probably not what the FAA has in
sparkie624 3
Not the first time something like this has happened... But at least it is more rare than it used to be.
Ben Ryan 4
Reminds me of the Dallas chase. LOL
billykid05 2
This gives me an idea...It would be pretty cool if you could drive your car on the tarmac and straight into...say a 747-800 and simply pay a fee to fly you and your car to your destimation. Just like a boat ferry. No reservations needed, No red tape...maybe someday.
sparkie624 4
That already exist... It is called a C5-A.... the catch is you have to be a member of the military and all your travel plans are prearranged for you.
Iain Shepherd 2
Back to the future:
preacher1 2
Bumped you back up into the positive Pracherman, that dream on comment got u in the minus...
Karey Wright 1
TSA doesn't monitor the cars entering runways. We check passengers at the checkpoints..
Dee Lowry 1
Preacher1...You are so right! Forgive me...I had a brain fart! To be honest with you, I feel the government is not protecting our anything! Congress are a bunch of talking heads and yet this guy at JFK jumped the fence...just for the Hell of it!
preacher1 1
Sad part is that the Airports are getting the money for it. I hate to say it but they are going to have to go to a TSA style security outside or let the TSA do it, perish the thought. Most local jurisdictions don't want to give that control to anybody else, don't want to give up that money, and yet refuse to do it like it needs doing.
Kira Andreola 1
I'm glad the baby didn't get injured because of his mother's carelessness and that CPS took him.
sparkie624 1
Jeremy Kudlick 4
It's not TSA's responsibility to secure the perimeters of airports. Airport operators have to have a plan approved by TSA, then the AOs put that plan into effect.
crk112 0
lol just wait til the terrafugia becomes a common car on the road...
Jack Whetten 0
I think when they said with child they meant she was pregnant.
Melissa Pappas 2
Nope, this looney had a 2-month-old baby boy in the back seat.
Toby Sharp 0
when is somebody gonna go streaking or something funny


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