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An-124 at KMSP Wednesday afternoon.

Anybody else in the Twin City area get to see the Antonov 124 fly in and out of here? I caught a glimpse of it coming in but had a great view of it as flew over me on my mail route in Bloomington around 2pm. ( Ещё...

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Jeffrey Babey 1
I got lucky seeing it come in so I could watch the skies for when it took off and it did around 2pm. It just slowly climbed up in the skies as it turned right (west) over the south end of Bloomington. A thing of beauty to see, I haven't seen C-5's here in along time but I have seen 2 An-124's in the last year.
Jeffrey Babey 1
And I should clarify it came in last night around midnight as I was at a friends house by the airport for a birthday party. I was just heading home as it came in. Really glad it stayed the night!
Steve Long 1
I see it flew into KIDA (Idaho Falls, ID - my home airport) from KMSP. Will have to drive by the airport on my way to work tomorrow to see if I can see it!


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