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Lufthansa Crippled As Strike Continues; Few Flights In Europe, Cancellations Continue Into Weekend

The strike by the flight attendants union, Unabhaengige Flugbegleiter Organisation, (UFO), has caused Lufthansa to cancel more flights and nearly all inner-European flights are going nowhere. 1200 flights have been cancelled into the weekend, or two thirds... ( Ещё...

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Roland Dent 2
I fully suppott Lufthansa staff and I will tell you why. For years the staff have given all to the company and made it the class leader it is today. The company has very solid core of regular passengers and freight customers who can and DO pay more for the service. The reason is simple. Evey jigsaw piece of that service has been given the best that the employees can give. The Lufthansa management is scared of a wolf that does not exist.
linbb 1
And to those with tickets bet your strike made there day too. Go back to work and then work on fixing the problem, could be they are teachers at the start of a new school year as thats what they do to the kids they teach.
Alejandro S 1
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Lufthansa Flight Attendants Walk Out On Strike

Lufthansa flight attendants have walked out on strike, making good on their threat over a 13 months wage dispute with the airline.

The union that represents the flight attendants, Unabhaengige Flugbegleiter Organisation, said in a statement...
ken young -1
Screw the unions. Lufthansa should fire them all and hire replacements.
This is why people despise unions.
Peter Schulz 1
interesting way of demonstrating how far from reality some people are.
Kenneth Holland 0
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Lufthansa Cabin Crews Strike at Frankfurt and Berlin

Lufthansa cabin crew workers have walked off the job once again Tuesday morning making good on their promise to strike.
De Crockett 0
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Lufthansa to Cancel Flights Friday

The German airline Lufthansa says it will cancel two-thirds of its flights on Friday after the union for cabin crew called for a 24-hour strike. The airline says no peace offer will be made over the ongoing pay dispute.,,16222132,00.html


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