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FlightAware-sourced Atlanta airport art evokes experience of flying

Also past security in the international atrium is "airFIELD," a suspended sculpture of round acrylic discs that make up two intersecting swooping shapes. From some angles they resemble a bird in flight. In the piece by California artist collective Uebersee, the discs are programmed to turn opaque in movements through the sculpture that replicate flight paths, synced close to real time with flight tracking data from FlightAware. ( Ещё...

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Daniel Baker 2
Very cool to see FlightAware powering this cool art installation!
Dubslow 2
AviatorLEO 1
This should be an interesting piece to see. While passing through KMDW, I had always hoped someone would illuminate [and animate] one of my favorite pieces of art, the 2001 RARA AVIS [suspended] sculpture hanging over people passing through [just before TSA / security]. It is absolutely beautiful, and a closer look reveals that it is comprised of hundreds of miniature aircraft. For those of you unfamiliar with KMDW, the plaque for the sculpture is as follows:

"For this suspended artwork Helmick + Schechter Studio modeled fifty-one sculptures illustrating the history of flight. The aircraft range from the very earliest flying machines to commercial airliners and contemporary spacecraft. Cast in multiples and precisely affixed to hundreds of cables, the multitude of small pewter sculptures collectively forms a colossal cardinal, the state bird of Illinois."

(KMDW also has an SBD (Dauntless) suspended from the ceiling, too!!)


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