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(Full Video) Nowhere To Land -TACA Flight 110 - Air Crash Investigation Show

On 24 May 1988, TACA Airlines Flight 110, a Boeing 737 flew through a thunderstorm and suffered a dual engine flameout. The captain, Carlos Dardano amazingly managed to make a deadstick landing on a narrow grass levee close to a nearby bank at NASA's Michoud Assembly Facility in the Michoud area of eastern New Orleans, USA. All onboard survived. ( Ещё...

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jim garrity 2
That was a very informative video, well worth watching this 45 minute video!
joe johnson 2
Thanks for the link Chip.

The side menu also has the episode on Northwest 85, a B744 lower rudder failure in 2002.

It's worth your time too.
Jack Ciesinski 1
Julian Medina 1
Clam Shell 1
I watched every minute of it. Thanks for posting this!
Dennis Pitts 1
I remember the day this happened very well, I actually saw the plane sitting on the levee the next day when I arrived back in New orleans.
I can only hope my son or any other flight crew and passengers never have to go through this experience!!
My hat is off to the entire crew of that flight!!
Thanks for putting this on Flightaware!

sparkie624 1
WOW, a 45 minute YOUTUBE program... Queing that one up to watch on my Big Screen. really looking forward to this one.
Justin Bradley 1
Definitely a great show. Watched it on Discovery Channel (Canada) a week or so ago. Even some real-life footage of the craft sitting on the levee and the ensuing takeoff. Agree with others, worth the time :)
acmi 1
I lived in NOLA at the time and saw the aircraft sitting on the levee the next day. I understand this is the only time a 737 was ever dead sticked successfully.
carlos ospina 1
REALLY. now you have me watching all the available episodes in youtube. lol
peter reuss 1
Over the years I’ve followed most of the major aircraft accidents but somehow I never hear d fo this one. This is probably the best illustration I have ever seen of a crew working together in a professional manner. What a great illustration of Aviate, Navigate and Communicate. Anyone that’s found themselves in that unenviable position of wondering where you are going to put this sled, knows what these guys went through. These are folks that make pilots proud to be pilots.


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