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Pilot Taxed On Non-Existent Planes

In a time when declining tax revenues are pinching government budgets, it may be tempting for bureaucrats charged with assessing those taxes to be heroic going after every last penny. ( Ещё...

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easyrider 0
The tax nazi, (Terry Yowell) needs to be fired. Maybe a little time in prison also.
canuck44 0
Maybe an appearance for criminal contempt before the judge prior to his stepping down might straighten out this troll. Meanwhile he needs to register the tail numbers in another state without a tangible tax and with a collector with a few neurons that function.
Ric Wernicke 0
What is more telling of the state of our justice system is that the man had to pay the tax on destroyed property to be eligible to sue the tax collector that weilded the weapon of collections over his head.

Her arrogance is beyond contempt, she has soiled the Constitution and should be jailed as any criminal who has broken the law.
Chris Donawho 0
The judge, after stepping down to practice law, should represent this guy and sue the clothes off this bitch.
Jeremy Kudlick 0
I don't live too far from Culpeper County. The tangible property law in Virginia is fairly clear - the county has to prove it exists if I say it doesn't.

Lowe: Where are the aircraft?
Yowell: Over there.
Lowe: You mean those piles of parts?
Yowell: Yes.
Lowe: Okay. Get in them and fly them away.
Yowell: ...


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