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Airline Offering Plane Crash Survival Course to Frequent Flyers

British Airways is giving their best customers a competitive edge in the event of disaster by offering a course on surviving a plane crash. Beginning next year, members of the airline's Executive Club can cash in air miles to take the four-hour safety class. From the article: "Andy Clubb, the BA manager running the course, told the Independent: 'It makes passengers safer when travelling by giving additional skills and information, it dispels all those Internet theories about the… ( Ещё...

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Ben Lillie 0
We should have some of our airlines doing this
brandon lubin 0
Troy Raiteri 0
Like Ben said we should have the airlines doing this as well.
sviridovt 0
Air France/klm should offer this to all flyers
Michael Marriott 0
This almost sounds like a joke (BA is a Joke) Waht about regular passengers?,and at what stage will it be mandatory for flyers to watch the safety demo instead of reading or talking..I have 1million plus with KLM and 1 million plus with Virgin and would be insulted if they offered me a course on how to undo my seat belt and how to find a Lifebelt..I have been in two crashes in planes and people are people they do what is natural some panic other just want to survive adn go about that proceess in and orderly way..
Stephen Boyle 0
Really, I do not even know where to start with this one. First off BA, this is one hell of a good way to instill confidence in your repeat and future clients.

Second, why are they taking advice form BP. BP had no plans in-place in case of a blown out well in the Gulf of Mexico. Instead, they are busying tell BA they would like to get their employees trained in surviving a crash landing in remote terrain.

If Air France announced this program it would be the death of the carrier as it signals we (AF) have lost all hope in our planes and pilots so you better learn how to survive as your chances are good for a crash.

john swiman 0
I personally see that this type of training is important for many reasons. One I have been in the airline industry now for over 40 years and have been involved in the training of crews and others in over water survival. Now it is time for the passengers to really know what they can DO to save their lives and how to DO it.
Isia Maria 0
Maybe I'm missing something here but shouldn't valuable, life saving info be free and easily available? Unless of course, it's not really valuable life saving info and just a gimmick.
Pete Schecter 0
good! now make it mandatory ot have some training to fill an exit row seat and enforce maximum gross weight (and girth) for those potential exit plugs. they key to survival in any event is maintaining situational awareness and staying in control. how many pax routinely count rows to the fore and aft exit closest to them? basic common sense skills count here, as documented time and again in human factors and survivability sections of NTSB and other investigative reports.
TWA55 0
Yea, don't fly if it concerns you...LOL.....what is this, you mean they have knowledge about surviving a head banger into the ground? BA, you can't be serious, is this the new trend to sucker folks into flying more (with you) and at greater expense. Boy, talk about a great way to open up those free seats so they can double their money on a bad idea to start with.....great job marketing department. BA try this, just include the highlights of this course in the FA pre-flight, I think we all deserve to know if you are having problems w/ the planes, talk about class warfare. The Titanic pax would have loved this one, especially those 1st class folks, still LOL
Reinhold Liedtke 0
For me (former paratrooper) this is rediclous. I was instructed, but at least it took some days to train getting out in an emergency case.
The best is to read the safety instructions an to realize, whe the (emergency exits are.
The airlines want to make money with this gimmics only...
J.J. Lasne 0
Well, that is something to think about...
Dan Chiasson 0
I cannot believe BA is charging for this (currency being points in this case). There is a strong aroma of business focused and finance twerps huddling together to see how they can find another way to manage the balance book. IMHO. offering the course is an interesting concept which has I am certain, + and - aspects relative to market perception. However I find the charging for this course to be petty, cheesy, and worst of all deminishes the brand.
J.J. Lasne 0
I get it! Only the most valuable (to society), wealthiest passengers should be able to survive in case of a crash. As for steerage, they are on their own. Titanic anyone?
Joan Segreti 0
Egads, I try not to think about airplane crashes. I place my hope on the skill of the pilots, mechanics and traffic controllers. Sure it is good to know how to survive a plane crash, but, I don't think we have much in the way of options . . .gravity and the pain of hitting the water or land, pretty low on survival options.


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