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Cyclists In Burbank Beat JetBlue To Long Beach!

LONG BEACH (CBS) — Bike vs. Plane? It should be obvious to anyone who would win that contest. Well, not so fast! Some bloggers, hearing about JetBlue’s $4 fare from Burbank to Long Beach decided to lay down a challenge and see if some bike riders could beat the airline in a cross town race. A cycle group known as the Wolfpack Hustle set off just before 11 a.m. Saturday. A blogger also left his home, in Burbank, about the same time. Using the bike path along the LA River for most of their trip,… ( Ещё...

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Pa Thomas 0
Talk about going viral and free publicity for everyone...Jet Blue was "beaten" by the bikes, a person on inline skates, and a person who took the Metro Rail to Long Beach. The "Biking In LA" blog is compiling a list of news organizations from around the worls that have covered or linked to this story.......including some photos from the Wolfpack, comments from the Jet Blue Blog.
Muneeb Hyder 0
Michael Fuquay 0
I agree that there are a lot of nonsense flights within relatively short distances that could/should be eliminated. It's just clogging up the skies.
Lloyd Dixon 0
My god. Who needs to FLY from Burbank to Long Beach? One could reasonably hike that distance.
Greg Brothers 0
its not a regular service flight people...its was just a one-time publicity stunt for jet blue during the "Carmageddon" freeway closure of the 405.
conmanflyer 0
but you must agree, there are stupid flights like that
Michael Fuquay 0
Anything that is within two hours driving distance should be eliminated. Get the baby planes out of the skies and make room for the big boys. Haha, Just kidding.
joe hoeft 0
shit that is so interesting what kind of plane was it?
Michael Fuquay 0
It says it was JetBlue. So it's either an A320 or ERJ-190.
dba74m -1
chalet 0
Lets do the math. Two flights each way, full house A320s means 170 passengers x 4 x $ 4.oo = $ 2,720 going into the coffers. Flight time all-in costs roughly $ 10,000/hr x 3 hours = $ 30,000. So JetBlue "lost" 27K and what did they get in return: nation-wide attention and free advertisement worth.... well you name it. Whoever thought up this scheme is a PR and Ad genius. Congrats man!!
dba74m -1
A-320 cost is more like $3,000 per hour.
larry clement -1
Just about any single engine airplane would beat the airline or the bikes. You get in the plane and go. No check-in, waiting in line,etc.

BTW, the average person on a bike couldn't beat JetBlue, because the average person couldn't ride a bike that distance in an hour and a half.
chalet -1
@dba74m actualy it is $ 3275 per block hour that includes aircraft and crew. Variable costs like fuel, etc. cost about the same amount, so in the final analysis this PR/Ad campaing was even better for the airline.

@raceman, chartering a C172 flying four people over and back (one of them piloting) would have cost about $ 260 assuming one hour each way or $ 65 a piece, so the JetBlue experience was one a hell of a deal even with the hassle related to boarding a commercial airliner. Can't wait for their next offering, did I hear JFK-DCA and back for less than $ 50.oo if for some reason the Amtrack bogs down, LOL!
larry clement 0

Thanks for the analysis, but I was referring to flying your own plane, not chartering.

You can buy a good used 172 for less than buying most new cars,and while a new car will be worth half of what it costs in three or four years, a used airplane purchased today will hold it's value well, and history shows that it will probably appreciate in value with an economic recovery.

Owning and flying a plane is not for everyone, but for many it is a valuable business tool that also provides much enjoyment.
Jay Fulton 0
Love it!!! Cyclists win again!
Joseph Brown 0
Back in the day PSA (Remember them? I still miss that airline) had a re-positioning flight on Saturday or Sunday mornings from SJC to OAK. $9 fare and it was great if you needed to build miles as they had a guaranteed minimum number of miles per flight.
ken young 0
I am with the person who says eliminate these short hop flights.
They are useless sky clogging trips.
D Mo 0
Yes, Jet Blue got a lot of free attention last weekend but that is about it. I challenge anyone to show how this translates into future business that they don't already have. This amounts to a giant Groupon deal on an airline ticket.
chalet 0
D Mo JetBlue would never reveal how much extra customers were brought into their fold after this attention-grabbing stunt but one thing is for sure, any product or service just got to have a continuous advertising campaign going all the time even if the have cornered a given market, otherwise people might forget about them. Just ask any Madison Ave. type and he can exxplain this in detail. In short: kudos for JetBlue that exploited the 405 closure to their advantage.


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