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Frontier cancels flights because of hail damage

DENVER (AP) — Frontier Airlines has canceled more than 50 flights through Saturday because of a hailstorm in Denver that knocked nearly a third of its large planes out of service. The airline says 18 . . . ( More...

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mark tufts 0
where denver internationial is situated you can expect things like this to happen during the summer and the airport closing during snowstorms during the winter
mark tufts 0
D I A is situated in an area where they can expext this type of damage during the summer and expect closings during thw winter becayse of snow storms
Chuck Cox 0
"Frontier said it's paying the hotel bills for passengers who've been stranded." is a fib.

Spent yesterday at Denver International due to a canceled early afternoon flight to Detroit. I was not really all that surprised at the cancellation, but.... the customer service desk routinely refused any sort of voucher for any thing due to the cancellations being "weather" related.

I will go on record as saying customer service for Frontier was polite and worked diligently to re-route people to their final destinations. Although I was surprised when the agent said that the earlies possible date for a direct flight to Detroit would be June 21, (a six day delay).

I ended up flying to Dayton after various delays pushed the flight from 7 to 10:50 p.m. MST, instead of Detroit at 2 p.m. MST, but.... all in all.... not an unbearable day at Denver..... It could have been far worse. The greatest surprise was that my luggage arrived with me in Dayton without a hitch....

Chip Hermes 0
Paintless dent removal!
slgordon3 0
Yes, DIA is located is the high plains--if you weren't able to see the mountains in the distance you would think you're in Kansas. The high planes just get extreme weather. I lived in Colorado for years, and have experienced some incredible storms in the summer. Once, a hail storm hit when i was driving in the eastern Denver metro area, and i was worried my windshield would crack at any second (luckily it didn't).
Ken Bradley 0
Having flown out of both the newer Denver Intl. airport and the former Denver Stapleton airport for 35 years during my United Airlines career I can candidly say that not only have I seen the dramatic difference in local weather conditions between the two airports (especially in terms of weather severity), but that myself and a couple of other Air Line Pilots Association members and fellow United Flight Standards Captains met with members of the U.S. Congress Colorado delegation to warn the time that the new airport location miles further out in the prarie from metropolitan Denver was being evalutated..that 'bad news' weather was likely to be 'worse news' weather further out from the front range of the Rockies. I refer to blizzards, severe thunderstorms with hail and tornado activity, and less desirable overall weather conditions. They didn't want to hear that point of view...and spent billions building the new airport. The number of times that the results of severe weather have been a major problem at the new Denver airport...including significant aircraft hail damage supports the concerns that we expressed that were ignored.
Ken Oden 0
Capt. Kenny,
Haven't heard from you since UAL days when we were trying to dodge weather like this. Get in touch. I've moved to ABQ and am spending my days flight demo the Eclipse EA500. Nice little airplane.
So, who needs retirement?
Ken O


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