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Airbus A319 (D-AVYQ)


First Airbus A319-112 American Airlines at a rolling test on Airbus field in Germany Finkenwerder. In future with reg. N8001N


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Dirk Pearson
What's up with the BACKWARDS American flag on the plane? And don't tell me it's because the plane flies in that direction. The American flag should ALWAYS be shown with the stripes to the right. They did the same thing with the flag on the American soldiers uniform. Satan is hard at work to destroy America as we turn away from God.
Tracy Armstrong
The flag is that way on soldiers uniforms as a battle flag. It symbolizes running into battle, hence the orientation of the flag looking backwards. As for why its on the plane that way... IDK. It has nothing to do with Satan or anything like that.
anthony geinopolos
Although the American flag is on the back of the plane, you see a small Germany flag on the top... xD You think they could have put that somewhere else lol...?
"Although the American flag is on the back of the plane, you see a small Germany flag on the top... xD You think they could have put that somewhere else lol...?"

Answer: This aircraft is operating with a German test registration at the time of the photo - reserved for Airbus aircraft built at Finkenwerder. Hence the German national flag placement on the vertical stabilizer.

I know, that was the joke..
Walter Wilson
It is ture that per proper protocol the American flag should be facing with the star field on the upper-left. However, on aircraft it can be facing in either direction especially if it appears to be "waving" reference to the direction of flight. Thus, on the starboard side of the aircraft, the flag is likely to be facing the "wrong" way.
Examine photos of other airlines and other aircraft. You will see this to be the norm.
Peter Zhang
1st not everything with blue and red pattern are American flags. 2nd, walk to the other side and the flag faces the right direction... bam, mind blown
Timothy McDonnell
Flag pattern is correct as is the flag near the registration, flag is to be displayed as it would fly in the wind, So if for example you put a flag pole on the tail the blue would be top right from this side and top left on the other. 1st poster is just wrong.
Also I'm about 95% sure the flag code and usage guides will back me on that one.
Tony Perez
I think it was intended to be American colors, not specifically the flag. There are no stars, so not an American flag.
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